About us

Real DSD 64, 128, 256 & DXD masters

Our vision is to make music as Direct Stream Digital (DSD) downloads available to listeners anywhere in the world. This includes obtaining DSD Edit Masters and Analog Master Tapes that can be transferred to DSD, bringing you, the listener, as close to the original performance as possible.

In the last five years, the NativeDSD platform has seen tremendous growth. Today offering 1800+ albums from over 70 labels – ALL available in DSD (and sometimes DXD). More record labels are joining this platform store as DSD is becoming the go-to format for acoustic recorded music.

NativeDSD Music created the first-ever DSD 512 Sampler album in May 2019 to coincide with one of the largest audio shows of the world – Munich High End – as content for hardware partners presenting new DACs and Players capable of DSD 512 playback. Read more about DSD 512 and how this is created in this help article.


NativeDSD.com was founded Early 2014 by Jared Sacks (Channel Classics Records founder and recording engineer) and his son Jonas (cinematographer and music/web enthousiast). Starting out with just the Channel Classics Records catalogue of just about 170 albums (in DSD at the time), their goal was to create a central place where highest resolution music fans could go to find the best quality recordings in the world in both Stereo and Multichannel, directly from labels recording in DSD and/or DXD.

As a professional musician, when I became a classical music label owner, it was my passion to not only bring great music to our listeners, but also to transfer the emotion of that music’s creation. I found that recording in DSD best met that need, and it is why we started this platform.

— C. Jared. Sacks

Artists and engineers are my favourite type f people, when I started photographing and filming artist for Jared’s label Channel Classics, I knew I wanted to be involved in a bigger part of the production process. Starting this platform was an answer to that longing, delivering the beautiful engineering done by my father and all the other labels of course, to a worldwide audience. I would like to expand NativeDSD’s offerings to include more video as I think it can increase the emotional involvement of the listener.

— Jonas C. Sacks

The Team

NativeDSD.com would be nowhere without a small and dedicated team that keep the site up to date, ingest the deliveries made by the labels and update the individual album pages with reviews.

Jared, having grown up in Boston Massachusetts, schooled at Oberlin Conservatory and the Amsterdam Conservatory of music with 15 years experience playing French Horn, decided to make his hobby of recording a profession in 1987. The label started in 1990 with the name Channel Classics coming from the street he lived on in Amsterdam. His extensive DSD recording experience and the network were the grounding spirit for NativeDSD.com

Jonas, growing up in a musical family/business, started producing and shooting interviews and musical essays with artists for his dad’s classical music record label Channel Classics in The Netherlands. While earning a Bachelor Degree in Audiovisual Media Design at the Utrecht School of the Arts (Netherlands, ‘08) he worked on numerous short narrative films, commercials, docs and music videos as a cinematographer. Later on he was admitted to the American Film Institute for the Cinematography Master Program in Los Angeles. His visual interests combined with technical can-do mentality were the founding force behind Native.

Floor has been working for NativeDSD from the start. As the head of PR and Marketing, her weekly newsletters are a real phenomenon, crowded with information and album details. She doubles roles as label manager, responsible for making sure all the data ends up at the correct place after being in extensive contact with the Producers and Engineers.

Tom is our Mastering Engineer. He will take any DSD or DXD file and make sure that it is up to our standard before publishing it for sale in the store’s catalogue.

Ted is our Technical Advisor from the start, he knows all things JRiver, Tagging, archiving, and gives listeners a lot of feedback on the gear involved to get it all audible.

Brian came on the team as a Technical Advisor after being a customer for a brief time. Soon he had so much feedback for our improvement that we just could not do without anymore. He has an integral part in making sure all the posted information is up to date, and is on the lookout for new music to add to the catalogue.

Bill is our Senior Reviewer and guide through it all. He will review any music we throw at him. As a professional Radio broadcaster, he has a lot of listening experience, and shares his findings in the blog.

Marian handles all the numbers at the accounting desk. NativeDSD pays out to the participating labels every month directly, and it is all handled by her!

Sjoerd has been the head developer for native from the start, he has numerous other projects which makes him very versatile.

Give it a Try

We welcome you to try our free Welcome to NativeDSD Sampler and give us your thoughts. Many people have written on our Trustpilot page about their own findings. In addition to the Native DSD website and newsletter, we also have InstagramTwitter and Facebook profile that we invite you to follow to get updates about music and gear in the DSD world. 

Cheers to your ears!

Jared, Jonas & The NativeDSD team