Marin (2017)


Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Percurama Percussion Ensemble

Soren Kinch Hansen, Gert Mortensen, Thomas Sondergard

Borup-Jørgensen's music exists on the margins of silence, punctuated with searing dramatic eruptions, all of which can be heard in his orchestral masterpiece Marin (1970). Borup-Jørgensen massive 'sea symphony' exists in its own unique world of sound - sometimes in as many as 55 separate voices - as is one of the most challenging and meticulously detailed orchestral textures every set to paper.

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Michala Petri

Michala Petri has performed more than 4000 concerts in the worlds leading festivals and Concert Halls,and has broken down the boundaries of her instrument, the recorder. 

Her repertoire spans works from the Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism and extends into contemporary and improvised music. It is precisely this versatility that lies behind her special appeal as an artist. 

Her collaboration in the 90s on two cds with Keith Jarrett, gave her a latent interest in the art of improvisation, which is partly required in Baroque music, though within the narrow borders of the rules of that time. The collaboration was initiated by Keith Jarrett, who heard Michala play in concert at New Yorks Lincoln Centre and suggested that they at some point played something together - which let to two albums of Bach Sonatas and Handel Sonatas. Recently she has taken up playing fully improvised concerts, amongst others with Benjamin Koppel and Carsten Dahl. 

She has received the Leonie Sonning Music Prize, Europa Musicale Soloist Prize, three times the German ECHO KLASSIK Award, amongst others. She has recorded more than 70 cds, several having been Grammy-nominated. 

Artists with whom she has collaborated include Keith Jarrett, Sir Neville Marriner, James Galway, Gidon Kremer, Heinz Holliger, Henryk Szeryng, Pinchas Zukermann, Maurice Andre, Joshua Bell, Mahan Esfahani and Claudio Abbado. Among composers having composed for her are Sir Malcolm Arnold, Gordon Jacob, Per Nørgaard, Vagn Holmboe, Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen, Olav Anton Thommessen, Sunleif Rasmussen, Bent Sørensen, Steven Stucky, Joan Albert Amargos, Chen Yi, Bright Cheng, Ander and Thomas Koppel and Daniel Børtz. 

photo: Søren Solkær, from booklet

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Marin (2017)


Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Percurama Percussion Ensemble

    Opus Klassik [AWARD, Germany]

Winner of OPUS KLASSIK Award 2018.


“(...) with Marin rumbling in full surround-sound, I was utterly seduced. - it‘s the eccentricity and comprehensiveness of this product that make it both affecting and worthwhile”.

Andrew Mellor


“With an inspiring animation film on Axel Borup-Jörgensen’s sea symphony Marin, a video portrait and an album with music by the Danish composer, this is a worthwhile album and an appealing homage to Borup-Jörgensen”.

Remy Franck

    Fanfare (US)

“The visuals are quite striking: imaginative, colorful, powerful, with exquisitely rendered surface details, gorgeous light effects, and a fine sense of being under water. Both videos are deeply stirring, and should serve the purpose of making the greatness of the music better known. In that, I hope that this approach will prove most successful”

Ronald E. Grames


Colourful and wonderful New film about an underwater world fantasy, set to a symphonic masterpiece by a poetic Danish modernist. “Their faces are enigmatic. Their lower bodies resemble snails’ shells, and we do not know what sort of underwater world they move through on their way towards an enormous yellow plasma tree that creates an upwards thrust, enabling them to float weightlessly through the masses of water towards the light.While not a word is spoken, the 3D-like animated film ‘Marin’ is a wonderful, beautiful experience. And it is also a visual fantasy based on one of the greatest modernist orchestral pieces in the history of Danish music.”

Thomas Michelsen

    Klassik (DK) - Full House -

“The gigantic orchestral work ‘Marin’ (1963-70) was desperately wearing on the perfectionist Borup-Jørgensen, who almost threw in the towel several times during its composition. In a both abstract and tone-pictorial way and with an inconceivable wealth of detail, the work depicts maritime scenes, and in conjunction with Lückow Film’s animated sequence, the music becomes almost unbearably sinister. In this ambitious film we follow strange seafolk that have shells instead of legs, and a royal couple who gaze over a city of seashells and mysterious monoliths; the plot offers plenty of space for one to be co-author, and Borup-Jørgensen’s masterpiece in elemental forces acquires a new, exciting caliber in its new surroundings.”

Per Brask Madsen

Marin (2017)


Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Percurama Percussion Ensemble

Producer: Preben Iwan
Recording Engineer: Mikkel Nymand
Recording location: DR Concert Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 22-24, 2016
Recording Software: Merging
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DXD

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6220620: Marin
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Marin. Op.60 (1970
00:18:42   Select quality & channels above
Music for percussion and viola. Opus 18 (1955-56
00:12:30   Select quality & channels above
Fur Cembalo und Orgel. Op.133.2 (1989
00:11:06   Select quality & channels above
Nachstuck. Op.118.1 for tenor recorder (1987
00:10:07   Select quality & channels above
Winter pieces. Op.30b for piano (1959
00:04:12   Select quality & channels above
Pergolato. Op.183 for treble recorder (2011
00:05:11   Select quality & channels above
Coast of Sirens. Op.100 for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar, piano, percussion + multivoice t
00:15:58   Select quality & channels above

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