Arstiderne (The Seasons): 28 Danish Songs (2018)

Jeppe Aakjaer (lyricist), Thorvald Aagaard, Steen Steensen Blicher (lyricist), Thomas Laub, Lisbet Torp (lyricist), Kurt Larsen, Helge Rode (lyricist), Poul la Cour (lyricist), Povl Hamburger, Oluf Ring, Erik Bertelsen (lyricist), Alex Garff (lyricist), Otto Mortensen, Frank Jaeger (lyricist), Tony Vejslev, Ludvig Holstein (lyricist), H. Balslev, Thoger Larsen (lyricist), Adam Oehlenschlaeger (lyricist), Carl Nielsen, Johannes V. Jensen (lyricist), Ulf Hoffmann, Svend S. Schultz, Leo Estvad (lyricist), Traditional, Laurits Christian Nielsen (lyricist), Mads Hansen (lyricist), Hans Hansen, Knud Jeppesen, Ambrosius Stub (lyricist), Henrik Rung, Kaj Munk, Egil Harder, Poul Schierbeck, Johannes Jorgensen (lyricist), H.C. Andersen (lyricist)

The Danish National Vocal Ensemble

Bo Holten

Following a series of military and economic defeats in the early 19th century, an enterprising group of teachers, pastors and writers set about to revive the Danish national spirit, and subsequently developed the 'folkehojskole' (Folk High School). The movement's chief architect, the poet, philosopher, and pastor, N. F. S. Grundtvig, knew the value of singing for creating a sense of community, and so in 1894 the ?rst Hojskolesangbogen (High School Songbook) was published. A substantial revised edition was published in 1922, including many melodies by the famous composer Carl Nielsen. Today the collection includes 572 songs with 2.4 million copies sold and is the most popular songbook in the country. The natural choice for performing this treasury of Danish song was the Danish National Vocal Ensemble, the elite choir of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). With two Grammy nominations and the prestigious German ECHO Award for the CD The Nightingale, (recorded with recorder virtuoso Michala Petri), their luminous sound provides the perfect frame for these simple, heartfelt expressions of the Danish soul.

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The Danish National Vocal Ensemble

The Danish National Vocal Ensemble is the elite choir of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). The ensemble is internationally known for its pure, transparent Nordic sound. Each of the 18 singers is a professional soloist with a strong personal mode of expression. Since 2014, the principal conductor of the ensemble has been Marcus Creed. 

The Danish National Vocal Ensemble presents the whole spectrum of choral music – from Medieval and Renaissance music through Romantic classics to brand new works by young composing talents. Several Nordic composers have written works speci?cally for the Danish National Vocal Ensemble, including Per Nørgård and Svend-David Sandström. 

Each season the Danish National Vocal Ensemble appears in a number of a cappella concerts as well as with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. The choir also appears with period instrument ensembles like Concerto Copenhagen and symphony orchestras from Nordic or other European countries.

The Danish National Vocal Ensemble has recorded a long succession of acclaimed albums. In 2012, they received 2 Grammy nominations and the prestigious German ECHO Award for the CD The Nightingale, recorded with recorder virtuoso Michala Petri. Other prizewinning recordings include Messiaen’s choral works which won the Diapason d’Or de l’Annee in 2016 and the Danish Radio P2 Prize 2016. 

photo: from booklet 'The Secret Mass'

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8226911: Arstiderne (The Seasons): 28 Danish Songs
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Vandring i skoven
H.C. Andersen (lyricist),Traditional
00:03:08   Select quality & channels above
Nu lyser lov i lunde
Johannes Jorgensen (lyricist),Carl Nielsen
00:01:59   Select quality & channels above
Det er i dag et vejr
Ludvig Holstein (lyricist),Poul Schierbeck
00:01:59   Select quality & channels above
Den bla anemone
Kaj Munk,Egil Harder
00:03:00   Select quality & channels above
Den kedsom vinter
Ambrosius Stub (lyricist),Henrik Rung
00:01:56   Select quality & channels above
Vintergaek er brudt af mulden
Johannes V. Jensen (lyricist),Knud Jeppesen
00:01:53   Select quality & channels above
For alle de sma blomster (Opvavni)
Mads Hansen (lyricist),Hans Hansen
00:01:50   Select quality & channels above
Jeg ser de bogelyse oer
Laurits Christian Nielsen (lyricist),Thorvald Aagaard
00:02:01   Select quality & channels above
En yndig og frydefuld sommertid (Kaerlighedsrosen)
00:03:30   Select quality & channels above
Se dig ud en sommerdag
Jeppe Aakjaer (lyricist),Carl Nielsen
00:01:49   Select quality & channels above
Nu gar midsommer ind (Midsommersang)
Leo Estvad (lyricist),Svend S. Schultz
00:02:40   Select quality & channels above
Yndigt dufter Danmark
Ulf Hoffmann,Svend S. Schultz
00:03:01   Select quality & channels above
Hvor smiler fager
Johannes V. Jensen (lyricist),Oluf Ring
00:02:42   Select quality & channels above
Hvor sodt i sommer-aftenstunden
Adam Oehlenschlaeger (lyricist),Carl Nielsen
00:03:10   Select quality & channels above
Danmark, nu blunder den lyse nat
Thoger Larsen (lyricist),Oluf Ring
00:01:56   Select quality & channels above
Stille, hjerte, sol gar ned
Jeppe Aakjaer (lyricist),Thomas Laub
00:03:03   Select quality & channels above
Det lysner over agres felt
Ludvig Holstein (lyricist),H. Balslev
00:01:52   Select quality & channels above
Det lovfald, som vi kom sa altfor naer
Frank Jaeger (lyricist),Tony Vejslev
00:01:23   Select quality & channels above
Septembers himmel er sa bla
Alex Garff (lyricist),Otto Mortensen
00:02:55   Select quality & channels above
Blaesten gar frisk over Limfjordens vande
Erik Bertelsen (lyricist),Povl Hamburger
00:01:51   Select quality & channels above
Sig naermer tiden
Steen Steensen Blicher (lyricist),Oluf Ring
00:02:20   Select quality & channels above
Hvor klart dog stjernen ses i nat
Poul la Cour (lyricist),Povl Hamburger
00:04:22   Select quality & channels above
Der er ingenting i verden sa stille som sne
Helge Rode (lyricist),Thomas Laub
00:02:27   Select quality & channels above
Lisbet Torp (lyricist),Kurt Larsen
00:01:06   Select quality & channels above
Spurven sidder stum bag kvist
Jeppe Aakjaer (lyricist),Thorvald Aagaard
00:02:27   Select quality & channels above
Det er hvidt herude
Steen Steensen Blicher (lyricist),Thomas Laub
00:02:33   Select quality & channels above
Sneflokke kommer vrimlende
Jeppe Aakjaer (lyricist),Thorvald Aagaard
00:00:59   Select quality & channels above
Der er ingenting i verden
Jeppe Aakjaer (lyricist),Thorvald Aagaard
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