Violin Concerto, Op. 35, Serenade after Plato's - Symposium (2018)

Bernstein, Korngold

Liza Ferschtman

Christian Vasquez, Jiri Malat

For me, both works on this album revolve around love. In Bernstein’s Serenade quite literally, looking at it from the perspective of different philosophers present at Plato’s Symposium, (although, as stated in Bernstein’s own words, it’s not a programmatic piece in the classic sense). In Korngold’s concerto, the sheer abundance of love and love for life is shared so generously that all that is left, both as listener and performer, is to feel embraced and uplifted by it.

Generosity is a term I associate very much with love, and a quality that great music can have. Both these compositions are giving in an overwhelmingly warm manner.

It is this similarity, and the fact that they both have the rare ability of uniting the highest compositional qualities - intricate use of thematic material, structure and virtuosic instrumentation - with a whiff of popular culture through seductive use melody and rhythm, together with a great sense of humour (and in the case of Bernstein outright swing!) that I felt they would make a wonderful match on this album.

It is not uncommon to hear classical music “experts” speak of both Korngold and Bernstein with slight disdain when referring to their so-called “classical” compositions. The suggestion has been made that as they wrote for the silver screen and hence in a slightly popular fashion, it makes them lesser classical composers. All I can say to those critics is; you do not know these works!

Being a “serious” musician myself there is no question for me that these compositions are of the highest rank, despite, or maybe precisely because they can go straight to people’s hearts!

- Liza Ferschtman

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Liza Ferschtman

Dutch violinist Liza Ferschtman is known for her passionate performances, interesting programs and communicative qualities on stage. She is equally at home on the concert stage with concertos, chamber music, recitals and solo works. In 2006 she received the highest accolade awarded to a musician in the Netherlands, the Dutch Music Prize.

Born into a family of Russian musicians, Liza Ferschtman was constantly surrounded by music. One of her earliest major influences was the violinist Philipp Hirschhorn, a close family friend. She received her formal training from Herman Krebbers at the Amsterdam Conservatory, Ida Kavafian at the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia and David Takeno in London.

In recent years Liza Ferschtman has performed with all significant Dutch Orchestras, including the Royal Concertgebouw and the Rotterdam Philhamonic. She has been soloist of the Orchestre National de Belgique, European Union Youth Orchestra, Yomiuri Nippon Orchestra, Malaysian Philharmonic, Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra, Bremen Philharmonic, Radio Symphony Orchestra of Prague, Malmö Symphony, and Bergen Philharmonic. Conductors she has worked with include Stephan Blunier, Frans Bruggen, Christoph von Dohnanyi, Claus Peter Flor, Neeme Järvi, Yakov Kreizberg, Zdenek Macal, Jun Maerkl, Gianandrea Noseda, Marc Soustrot, Leonard Slatkin, Thomas Sondergard, Karl-Heinz Steffens, Mario Venzago and Jaap van Zweden.

Het Gelders Orkest


Tradition and innovation – two key features of the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra. In the tension created between these two concepts, we pass on our passion for live classical music to young and old alike. Eighty-five musicians come together in a major, authoritative symphony orchestra at the highest level. The orchestra’s ambition is to bring enjoyment of live symphonic music to audiences in Gelderland and beyond. This is why we organise 100 symphonic concerts each year, alongside family concerts, educational concerts and special participation projects for amateur musicians. We also record several (live) CDs every year. Through these activities, the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra reaches an audience of more than 400,000 people. The orchestra’s innovative activities set it apart and have won it a large number of accolades. The Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra recently introduced its “LAB” series, a breeding ground for musical initiatives. The youthful and successful Antonello Manacorda has been Chief Conductor of the Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra since 2011.

Christian Vasquez

Christian Va?squez became Chief Conductor of the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra at the beginning of the 2013/14 season. The 2015/16 season saw him become the Principal Guest Conductor of the Het Gelders Orkest, starting his tenure with a tour of the Netherlands featuring an all-Latin programme.

He is also Music Director of the Teresa Carren?o Youth Orchestra of Venezuela, notably leading them on a tour of Europe which saw them perform in London,

Lisbon, Toulouse, Munich, Stockholm and Istanbul. Highlights of the 2015/16 season included projects with the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg, the Prague Radio Symphony, and Poznan Philharmonic. Last season, Christian made his debut with the Rotterdam Philharmonic and with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra and Pinchas Zukerman. He also reunited with the Turku Philharmonic, Helsinki Philharmonic and collaborated with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. In addition to his regular commitments in Stavanger and Arnhem, 2017/18 sees Christian return to the Danish National Opera for New Year’s concerts with the Royal Danish Orchestra. He will also make his debut with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Further orchestral highlights include collaborations with the RTE National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and a European tour with the Het Gelders Orkest. Born in Caracas, Christian joined the San Sebastian de los Reyes Symphony Orchestra as a violinist at the age of nine. He began conducting studies under the tutelage of Jose? Antonio Abreu

in 2006 and was appointed Music Director of the Aragua Juvenile Symphony Orchestra Jose Felix Ribas soon after.

photo credit: Carlos Vargas

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CC72755: Violin Concerto, Op. 35, Serenade after Plato's - Symposium
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Serenade after Plato's - Symposium - I. Phaedrus: Pausanias
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Serenade after Plato's - Symposium - II. Aristophanes
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Serenade after Plato's - Symposium - III. Eryximachus (presto)
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Serenade after Plato's - Symposium - IV. Agathon
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Serenade after Plato's - Symposium - V. Socrates Alcibiades
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