Iris (2019)


Alfredo Paixao

Iris is the new DSD release from Alfredo Paixao.  Paixao is a Grammy Award winning bass player that hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  His music reflects a fine blend of Jazz and Latin music stylings. Over the years, Alfredo has performed with Julio Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Liza Minelli, Alex Acuna, Joe Heredia, Laura Pausini, Pino Daniele and Fiorella Mannoia among others.

On Iris, a live to DSD recording, Paixao performs 8 tracks that he composed.  He is joined on the album by Ettore Carucci (Keyboards), Enrico Bracco (Classical & Electric Guitar), Luigi Masciari (Acoustic & Electric Guitar), Israel Varela (Drums & Percussion) and special guest Nadia Cancila (Vocals).  Varela's album As Above So Below is also available at the NativeDSD Music store.

"Iris" is an album that came to life very smoothly. The songs were written with no instruments involved. just paper and pencil. So as you expect it was a great surprise to me listening to it as we recorded it. 

The choice of the musicians was mostly based on my personal feeling to them, they are friends, funny and of course outstanding artists. It was like I was with my family at our family's cabin in the woods in front of a fireplace telling stories and looking to the stars.

The amazing process of recording direct to DSD, is kind of a ceremony, you must be present, otherwise it won't happen. To conclude this is who I am, with my difficulties and joys. As I always say "To be a Jazz musician, you must be a masochist.  If you are sadistic you can only play metal."

So this album is not exactly what I want to say, but it's coming closer than ever before."

-- Alfredo Paixão, bass


Alfredo Paixão, Brazilian (Rio de Janeiro) Bass Player and Composer is well known worldwide for his Latin Jazz performances live and on recording sessions. 

Latin Music has had a significant impact on his work with the Spanish artist Alejandro Sanz changing forever the way Pop/Latin/Flamenco music is understood. 

Playing with a completely different harmonic approach to the six string bass. Among some examples that illustrate the uniqueness of his playing, two award-winning songs are deserving of mention: 3 Latin Grammy Awards, to the album "El Alma Al Aire” by the Spanish pop star “Alejandro Sanz”, Latin Grammy Award “to the album Ciudad de las Ideas” by the Spanish Flamenco star “Vicente Amigo”. 

Other productions that also received awards include - Grammy Nominations: Fernando Osorio (Con Palabras- Warner Latino), Ana Belen (Peces de ciudad - BMG Ariola Spain), Armando Manzanero (Duetos – WEA Latina), Alexandre Pires (Estrella Guia – BMG Latino, 2 nominations), Ketama (Dame la mano – Universal Spain). 

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Iris (2019)


Alfredo Paixao

Mastering Engineer: Carmine Simeone
Producer: Massimo Scarparo
Recording Engineer: Stefano Quarta
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD 256

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So' uma Lembranca
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The Eternal Rain
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