Sonata Norwegica (2018)

Johan Daniel Berlin, Georg Von Bertouch, Hinrich Philip Johnsen, Johan Henrik Freithoff

Caroline Eidsten Dahl, Ensemble Freithoff

On “Sonata Norwegica” recorder player Caroline Eidsten Dahl and Ensemble Freithoff present three Norwegian composers and one who is Swedish: Johan Henrik Freithoff, Georg von Bertouch, Johan Daniel Berlin, and Henrik Phillip Johnsen. The ensemble has selected music written in Norway and Sweden around 250 years ago, and it is virtuosic, ardent and original.

Does a clear definition of Norwegian baroque music exist? Can one hear that the compositions on this recording are from Norway and Scandinavia? We believe the answer to both questions must remain ‘no’. This music was composed a hundred years before National Romanticism’s clear definition of national character. Even so, there is little doubt that being outside the centre of things can lead to a certain originality, perhaps more or less deliberately from the side of the composer.

In spring 2007 Caroline Eidsten Dahl (b. 1980) was one of three winners of Concerts Norway’s international programme “Intro-klassisk”. Since then she has distinguished herself as a soloist and chamber musician and has toured in Russia, China, India, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Her debut album on the LAWO Classics label, “Blockbird — Norwegian Recorder Music” (LWC1069), has received glowing reviews. “Sonata Norwegica” is her second album with LAWO.

Ensemble Freithoff is: Christiane Eidsten Dahl, baroque violinist; Kate Hearne, baroque cellist; and Vegard Lund on theorbo and baroque guitar.

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Caroline Eidsten Dahl

Caroline (b. 1980) was born and raised in Drammen. From 1999 she studied recorder with Frode Thorsen at the Grieg Academy in Bergen, graduating in spring 2003. From autumn 2001 she studied with Professor Dan Laurin at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, where she majored in chamber music and was awarded her diploma in autumn 2006. Caroline has played with leading ensembles in Norway and abroad, including Academia Montis Regalis, the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra, Drottningholm Baroque Ensemble, 1B1 Group, Barokkanerne Norwegian Baroque Ensemble, Bergen Chamber Ensemble, the Norwegian Baroque Orchestra, Kammer Allegria, the Trondheim Soloists and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.

A list of Caroline’s festival performances includes Innsbrucker Festwochen der Alten Musik, the Stavanger International Chamber Music Festival, the Oslo Opera Festival, the Stockholm Early Music Festival, the Oslo Chamber Music Festival, the Early Music Festival in London, Festival of the Night in Korpilombolo, the Norwegian Organ Festival in Stavanger, the Winter Night Festival in Oslo, the Grieg Festival in Arendal, Barokkfest in Trondheim, and Johan Halvorsen Musikkfest in Drammen. During the season 2009-2010 Caroline played in the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet production of “L’incoronazione di Poppea”, and she appeared in its production of “Il ritorno d’Ulisse in patria” in spring 2012 and 2016, as well as in Innsbruck in 2017.

Caroline has received a number of prizes and scholarships, among them, finalist in the renowned Yamaha Recorder Ensemble Competition in Cambridge in 1998, and with her Woodpeckers Recorder Quartet in 2010 the Audience Award at the EAR-ly Competition arranged by NORDEM. In spring 2007 Caroline was one of three winners of Concerts Norway’s international programme “Introklassisk”. During 2008-2009 she traveled under the auspices of Concerts Norway to India and China, where she performed Norwegian and Chinese music with musicians from Shanghai. Caroline was a recipient of Government Grants for Artists for newly established artists over two successive years, from 2010 to 2012. Caroline’s first solo album, “Blockbird. Norwegian Recorder Music” (LWC1069), was released on the LAWO Classics label in November 2014

photo: from booklet LWC1165

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Sonata Norwegica (2018)

Johan Daniel Berlin, Georg Von Bertouch, Hinrich Philip Johnsen, Johan Henrik Freithoff

Caroline Eidsten Dahl, Ensemble Freithoff

    Musicweb International

This album is undoubtedly quite interesting, as it sheds light on a part of the musical map of Europe which is little known. These four musicians deliver very fine and stylish performances, with an excellent ensemble. In short, this is a very enjoyable album, which shows once again there is still much to discover outside the mainstream repertoire.

Johan van Veen


The eighteenth-century composers appearing on this recording present at least one common point: all descended from the Germanic geographical sphere. A second element connects them. Their aesthetic close enough to meet the musical spirit of their time. To revive these sonatas Caroline Eidsten Dahl (recorder) sometimes joins the violin, the cello, and the Baroque guitar without forgetting the reinforcement of the theorbo and the archiluth. Obviously, the instrumentalists belong to the family of historically informed musicians. They plunge us into a delicate and singing Baroque musical universe, well before the national romanticism, where the respect of forms, the technical mastery of harmony and the melodic control are part of clearly delineated shackles. The four composers selected represent and illustrate the canons of this period without being strictly superposable with their common base resting on Galante music, with sometimes advances towards the Viennese Classicism, always respectful of an accepted academicism. If Georg von Bertouch represents this definition well, Hinrich Philip Johnsen discreetly recalls Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and his Empfindsamkeit, which is new, reveals some personal feelings and unknown dramatic traits. until then. Johan Daniel Berlin represents the Baroque high and Johan Henrik Freithoff expresses himself through more personal writing, richer in melodic and rhythmic nuances enriched with luminous flashes (Allegro of the Trio Sonata in g major) and pages (Adagio of the Sonata in g major). All except Freithoff (Dano-Norwegian) belonged to the Germanic sphere and went to Scandinavia still young where, while claiming their artistic ambitions, they were obliged to earn their living by exercising other trades. Caroline Eisdten Dahl, a native of Drammen (Norway), after studying at the Bergen Conservatory in Stockholm, belongs with the artists of the Freithoff ensemble to the best of the European Baroque. They all inspire their love of this music played with virtuosity, but also embellished by gentle melodies and enhanced by a convincing rhythmic verve. A kind and informative return to a musical past that touched all the nations of the old world in the eighteenth century.

Jean-Luc Caron[read full review]


The Norwegians Johan Henrik Freithoff, Georg von Bertouch, Johan Daniel Berlin, and the Swede Henrik Phillip Johnsen are Composers with whom probably even some Insiders of the Baroque Scene have to fit. The Music world is still mostly Euro-centrically oriented. What's going on at the Ends of the Continent, it's hard to be heard. Wrongly! This teaches us once again this Recording with Baroque music from the Scandinavian Area. Four composers are hard to locate in purely geo-historical terms, as today we think within limits that did not yet exist in the 18th Century. This also applies to music, which cannot be unceremoniously labeled as a Scandinavian Baroque. Freithoff, Bertouch, Johnsen, and Berlin have gone through different schools, Inspired in a variety of musical ways. 'Sonata Norwegica' thus primarily expands our musical horizon and does so in an excellent, very vital and dynamic way. The 'Ensemble Freithoff' and the Flutist Caroline Eidsten Dahl play the seven Sonatas unpretentiously, without artificial musical face lifting. The Opposite is true. The Performers strike a pleasantly rough tone in places, which is to the advantage of the Music, as it is only in this way that it gets the necessary relief and real edges. This also benefits the slow, lyrical Sentences, which stand out as important dynamic counterpoints. With works by not well known Norwegian composers Johan Henrik Freithoff, Georg von Bertouch, Johan Daniel Berlin, and the Swede, Henrik Phillip Johnsen, Sonata Norwegica agreeably widens the musical horizon. The performances by Ensemble Freithoff and flutist Caroline Eidsten Dahl are unpretentious, dynamic and provide a wonderful sound.

Guy Engels[read full review]

Sonata Norwegica (2018)

Johan Daniel Berlin, Georg Von Bertouch, Hinrich Philip Johnsen, Johan Henrik Freithoff

Caroline Eidsten Dahl, Ensemble Freithoff

Baroque Cello: Baroque Cello by Nicolas Augustin Chappuy, Paris, 1770
Baroque Guitar: Baroque Guitar, French Style, by OIiver Wadsworth, Worchestershire, 1995
Baroque Violin: Baroque Violin by Michael Sturzenhofecker, Cully, Switzerland, 2004. Copy of Baroque Violin Bergonzi Model 1727
Mastering Engineer: Thomas Wolden
Producer: Vegard Landaas
Recording Engineer: Thomas Wolden
Recording location: Jar Church, Baerum, February 15-17, 2017
Recording Software: Pyramix
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DXD
Theorbo & Archlute: Theobro & Archlute by Lars Torresen, Bergen, 2005

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LWC1165: Sonata Norwegica
01:09:22   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata in G major - I. Allegro
Johan Henrik Freithoff
00:02:42   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata in G major - II. Andante
Johan Henrik Freithoff
00:03:11   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata in G major - III. Allegro
Johan Henrik Freithoff
00:00:54   Select quality & channels above
Sonata in G major - I. Allegro
Johan Henrik Freithoff
00:04:19   Select quality & channels above
Sonata in G major - II. Adagio
Johan Henrik Freithoff
00:02:10   Select quality & channels above
Sonata in G major - III. Allegro ma non presto
Johan Henrik Freithoff
00:04:49   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata No. 8 in G major - I. Vivace
Georg Von Bertouch
00:01:32   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata No. 8 in G major - II. Adagio
Georg Von Bertouch
00:01:40   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata No. 8 in G major - III. Andante
Georg Von Bertouch
00:03:12   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata No. 14 in G minor - I. Largo
Georg Von Bertouch
00:03:09   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata No. 14 in G minor - II. Andante
Georg Von Bertouch
00:03:36   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata No. 14 in G minor - III. Adagio
Georg Von Bertouch
00:01:08   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata No. 14 in G minor - IV. Vivace
Georg Von Bertouch
00:01:24   Select quality & channels above
Sonata in E-flat major - I. Andante
Hinrich Philip Johnsen
00:03:45   Select quality & channels above
Sonata in E-flat major - II. Allegro
Hinrich Philip Johnsen
00:04:24   Select quality & channels above
Sonata in E-flat major - III. Menuet
Hinrich Philip Johnsen
00:05:01   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata in D major - I. Andante
Hinrich Philip Johnsen
00:05:43   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata in D major - II. Fuga alla breve. Vivace
Hinrich Philip Johnsen
00:02:19   Select quality & channels above
Trio Sonata in D major - III. Vivace
Hinrich Philip Johnsen
00:04:38   Select quality & channels above
Sonatina in D minor - I. Capricetto. Presto
Johan Daniel Berlin
00:02:49   Select quality & channels above
Sonatina in D minor - II. Arietta
Johan Daniel Berlin
00:01:58   Select quality & channels above
Sonatina in D minor - III. Gavotta
Johan Daniel Berlin
00:01:07   Select quality & channels above
Sonatina in D minor - IV. Menuet
Johan Daniel Berlin
00:01:52   Select quality & channels above
Sonatina in D minor - V. Giga
Johan Daniel Berlin
00:02:00   Select quality & channels above

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