Satsuki 2017 (2017)

Pearl Alexander, Yamada

Pearl Alexander, Azusa Yamada

After their successful performance the previous year, Azusa Yamada and Pearl Alexander returned to the same venue for another extraordinary concert in 2016, recorded by Seigen Ono. The unique musical tension between the marimba and the contrabass is guided by the voice of Pearl Alexander.

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Pearl Alexander

Pearl Alexander is a graduate of the University of Michigan where she studied double bass performance under Dr. Diana Gannett. Since moving to Tokyo in 2009, she has performed with musicians of many genres including Azusa Yamada, Akira Sakata, Rovo (Seiichi Yamamoto), Tavito Nanao, Tetsu Saitoh, Toshimaru Nakamura, Carl Stone, Hiromichi Sakamoto and Yuji Katsui, as well as dancers from Sankai Juku, Dairakudakan, Batsheva and Pina Bausch. She performed on Tetsu Saitoh’s bass ensemble album Gen311. She also released an album featuring a live solo recording of double bass and voice. She played on two modern music recordings while at the University of Michigan. One of those recordings, Songs of Innocence and Experience conducted by Leonard Slatkin, won 3 Grammy Awards in 2006.
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Pearl Alexander,Yamada
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Pearl Alexander,Yamada
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