Nocturnal (2018)


Nocturnal is an album of an improvisation concert, performed and live recorded in the middle of the night.

As the dusk falls
It slowly takes away the power of the sun,
Waiting for another day

As the distant sounds of a freight train slip away
If you could shut down all the street lights
You would enjoy the airglow when the night arrives

These moments of silence make you think
A return to yourself, reflecting on your anima
Reminiscing all the dolor that has passed
Where you came from
Not to look back in anger
Looking onward to the future
Always carrying a little piece with you

As the rain begins to fall
It is time to head back inside
Light up a little, everything will be alright
It is time for a lullaby

Slip into a vast dream
Like a mirage, a mind twist
Being something you are not in real life or…

Awaken suddenly

Just let me be

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Qope is pianist Bart Koop

Born 1984 in Almelo, in to a musical family, music has been a daily influence since his childhood. He started playing piano at the age of 7. At that age he wanted to play keyboard but his parents convinced him to start classically training the piano instead, giving him a much better musical base. He keeps on playing the piano ever since. 

In 1998 he started experimenting with samples, synthesizers, composing and improvisations until 2003. Since 2007 he has been playing in bands, playing synths, piano and electric piano. Over the years the main focus kept on being the piano.

After recording the Paper Motion debut album in 2016 he was asked to work on his first solo work. This resulted in his first solo album Nocturnal. Recorded and improvised live it is the first album to be released under the TRPTK Live label.

Bart takes his inspiration from the likes of Max Richter, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Bill Evans to name a few.

photo: provided by the label TRPTK

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Nocturnal (2018)


    All About Jazz

The supportive environment that Brendon Heinst and Maya Fridman offer TRPTK artists is evidenced by the successful recording of Nocturnal live in the studio. The piano sound is well-balanced with generous room ambience, and the music is presented without editing or superfluous enhancement. The music that Bart Koop shares on this recording, like that of the musicians who inspire him, can be appreciated as a vehicle for quieting the external distractions of the world and the internal obstacles of the mind, and though the performances are rooted in basic harmony, the flow of musical events, like the unfolding of life, is never that simple.

Mark Werlin[read full review]

    AUDIO [Klang-Tipp] -

Even though Bart Koop wanted to play the keyboard, he started to learn classical piano at the age of seven, convinced by his musician parents. Only later, the Dutchman started going on little excursions with synths and the electric piano in bands. Now with 34 years, this solo piano debut emerged: a live-performance, improvised opus with eight works, stirring all senses. Elegiac gliding, like a soundtrack to the images of Caspar David Friedrich, minimalist like a Baroque Pachelbel. Or finely strummed like the Breton Didier Squiban, and as lively as George Winston on the label Windham Hill. Or flowing like Keith Jarrett's "Köln Concert". It's a great thing that Koop recorded Nocturnal at the audiophile label TRPTK: founder and audio engineer Brendon Heinst captured the touches of the piano with high transparency, magnificently balanced technique, and a great sense of space.

Claus Dick

    KEF Loudspeakers -

QOPE is kind of like Nils Frahm meets Bugge Wesseltoft. It's very atmospheric. More and more, I personally like this minimalist abstract music which builds. It's the kind of music I can just sink into.

Johan Coorg, KEF Loudspeakers[read full review]

Nocturnal (2018)


Amplifiers: Hegel H30
Cables: Furutech Custom Microphone Cables - Furutech LineFlux XLR - Furutech NanoFlux NCF
Digital Converters: Merging Technologies Hapi
Mastering Engineer: Brendon Heinst
Microphones: Sonodore RCM-402
Preamp: Sonodore MPA-502
Producer: Brendon Heinst
Recording Engineer: Brendon Heinst
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DXD
Speakers: KEF Blade Two, KEF LS50 Active Balanced

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