Remgewogen (2018)

Christiaan Richter, Jan-Peter de Graaff, Martin van Hees, Aart Strootman, Louis Andriessen, Roderik de Man

Martin van Hees

ARTIST's NOTE - For a long time, I have cherished the idea of making of an album dedicated to Dutch compositions written for the classical guitar. During my studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague between 2008 and 2014, I developed a strong curiosity about the relationship between creating and performing musicians, in current times and in the past.

To expand my knowledge on this topic, I worked with living composers whose collaboration I dearly treasure. The realisation of Remgewogen is a project that I have been looking forward to immensely. The process of actively working with composers has contributed to my musicianship, and further inspired me to compose for the classical guitar.

- Martin van Hees, guitarist


PRODUCER'S NOTE - In many ways, I think recording an album as a soloist is one of the most difficult things to do. One might argue that with no other musicians around you to care about, recording would be a breeze. However, as a soloist, there’s nobody else in the ensemble to hide behind, and all details are laid bare for all eyes to see (or rather: all ears to hear?).

Conversely, there’s also something very formidable and strong about performing on a solo recording. You’re all alone in this big venue such as the Lutheran Church in Haarlem, against this army of microphones, picking up every thing you do, every move you make. It takes strength and courage.

And it’s specifically this what made the recording session with Martin van Hees so truly inspiring. It’s not just the love and passion for contemporary music and the will to extend the repertoire for the classical guitar that made this project what it is, but it’s the strength to sit alone in this church for three days straight, under the ever-watching eye of a recording system that doesn’t hide any detail or palliate any mistake.

The recording itself, which took place in July 2018, was just an absolute feast to me as producer; the repertoire has so many different sides to it, from Roderik de Man’s mysterious Dulcamara to the completely insane Remgewogen by Christiaan Richter, every piece has its very own identity, and Martin proved a master of displaying all these different angles. I feel proud to have worked with an artist such as Martin, and hope to produce many more interesting works with him in the future.

- Brendon Heinst, producer


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Martin van Hees

Martin van Hees (1990*) graduated in 2014 cum laude for his Master’s Degree at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, The Netherlands, with a distinction for his contribution to contemporary music. The guitarist won several national and international prizes at guitar competitions and festivals. As a soloist, he has been performing at concerts in India, Thailand, Greece, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands. As an ensemble musician, he has performed on national radio and television broadcasts, and at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He is part of contemporary music ensemble Kluster5 and chamber music duo LeCoultre&VanHees.

The release of his first album Cadence took place in February 2016. This album focuses on music of Western European and South American composers. With the production of Remgewogen, Martin has established himself in the world of new music.

photo: from artist's website

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Remgewogen (2018)

Christiaan Richter, Jan-Peter de Graaff, Martin van Hees, Aart Strootman, Louis Andriessen, Roderik de Man

Martin van Hees

    Volkskrant -

De jonge gitarist Martin van Hees heeft zijn tweede cd geheel gewijd aan Nederlandse muziek, wat op zichzelf al prijzenswaardig is. Zijn uiterst verzorgde, maar niettemin doortastende spel is dat evenzeer, en ook de opmerkelijke verpakking van het schijfje mag niet onvermeld blijven. Aan Nederlandse gitaarmuziek moet wel het spreekwoordelijk kaarslichtje te pas komen. Van Hees opent met Dulcamara van Roderik de Man en Triplum van Louis Andriessen, beide sterke, maar ietwat stekelig moderne stukken. De twee eigen composities zijn aanzienlijk gitaristischer en liggen prettig in het oor, maar daardoor ontbreekt het ze helaas ook nogal aan eigenheid. In vijf Debussy-variaties weet Aart Strootman, zelf ook gitarist, een goede middenweg te vinden. Met energiek en economisch werk van Jan-Peter de Graaff en het dwarse maar geestige Remgewogen van Christiaan Richter geeft Van Hees de jongste garde toondichters een stem. Ook dat verdient een pluim.

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    Alpha Audio

Martin van Hees plays the guitar as a one-man band; bass, accompaniment and melody at the same time. He plays rhythmically and expressive, even a bit Latin-romantic when possible. It doesn't sound like classical music in the sense of 'put on a difficult face and pretend you understand'. Whilst listening, we start to wonder whether that difference really matters. In any case, we're immersed in the music, and that's all that matters.

Yung Lie

    All About Jazz

In a sense, the recording is more than a recital; it is a presentation of the soloist's process, his efforts to broaden his own, and the listener's, musical experience.

Mark Werlin[read full review]

Remgewogen (2018)

Christiaan Richter, Jan-Peter de Graaff, Martin van Hees, Aart Strootman, Louis Andriessen, Roderik de Man

Martin van Hees

Amplifiers: Hegel H30

Furutech custom microphone cables - Furutech LineFlux XLR interlinks - Furutech NanoFlux NCF power cables - Furutech FS-a36 loudspeaker cables

Digital Converters: Merging Technologies HAPI
Mastering Engineer: Brendon Heinst
Microphones: Sonodore RCM-402
Recording Engineer: Brendon Heinst
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DXD
Speakers: KEF Blade Two

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TTK0030: Remgewogen
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Roderik de Man
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Triplum - I. Allegretto con fantasia
Louis Andriessen
00:00:55   Select quality & channels above
Triplum - II. Tranquillo
Louis Andriessen
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Triplum - III. Lento
Louis Andriessen
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Martin van Hees
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Variations on a quote by Debussy - Variation I
Aart Strootman
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Variations on a quote by Debussy - Variation II
Aart Strootman
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Variations on a quote by Debussy - Variation III
Aart Strootman
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Variations on a quote by Debussy - Variation IV
Aart Strootman
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Variations on a quote by Debussy - Variation V
Aart Strootman
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Martin van Hees
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That all changes
Jan-Peter de Graaff
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Christiaan Richter
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