Krossover, opera revisited - LIMITED EDITION (2013)

Ouwehand, de Goederen, Fondse, Girod, Ruben Hein, Lucky Fonz III, Martijn Konijnenburg, Odilo Girod, Robert Jan Stips, Martijn van Agt, Huub van der Lubbe, Hein

Tania Kross

Jurjen Hempel

How to reach the heart and soul of my own generation with classical music? That was the question I was struggling with before the idea of Krossover – Opera Revisited struck me as a bolt of lightning. Once upon a time the music that we now label as ‘classical’ was the popular music of the day. Mozart didn’t refrain from sneaking in a widely known folk tune in his compositions and at least a handful of Handel’s masterpieces had been written with the idea in mind of attracting large audiences. 
It was only in the second half of the 20th century that the so called contemporary music became so abstract that the connection with the general public got lost along the way. In my mind this contemporary form of classical music aims at tickling the intellect, and most certainly not the heart and soul of the listener. During my career as a singer I’ve experienced that audiences, more often than not, still love a beautiful melody. Time and time again I was asked to sing the Habanera from George Bizet’s popular opera Carmen. That tune has more or less become my signature song. With that melody I really touched people, but for me it isn’t really a challenge to keep on doing this for the rest of my life. What to do? Record an album with famous opera arias? Why bother: the world’s best and most renowned singers have already released hundreds of these ‘opera hits’ albums. I considered it useless to add my contribution the list. And why go searching for obscure or forgotten opera gems when a singer like Cecilia Bartoli, to much acclaim, has already done so. No, I really had to come up with a better idea. An idea that would bring classical music back to where it belongs: in the warm hands of the people who love good music. Wouldn’t it be great to create a cultural environment in which going to the opera would be an understandable alternative to a new James Bond movie?

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The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra

The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra is based in Enschede, in the province of Overijssel. Performing at an international level, as evidenced by its highly acclaimed CDs and invitations for international tours, the orchestra is firmly rooted in society. 
Jan Willem de Vriend has been its artistic director and chief conductor since 2006. Under De Vriend’s leadership, the orchestra has expanded its repertoire to cover music from four centuries. Its use of period instruments in the Classical repertoire gives the orchestra a distinctive and highly individual character. 
The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra performs amongst others in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Enschede, Zwolle and Deventer. In addition, it often works with the Dutch National Touring Opera Company. In its home town Enschede, the orchestra builds on a symphonic tradition of more than 80 years, and it is known as one of the most modern and entrepreneurial orchestras in the Netherlands. Its international partners include the BBC Philharmonic and the Liszt School of Music Weimar. 
The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra created a number of ensembles, such as a chamber orchestra, the Baroque Academy of the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (BANSO) and various chamber music ensembles. The orchestra’s commitment to expanding its social relevance is also reflected in the large number of projects in which education is a key element. 

Tania Kross

Mezzo-soprano Tania Kross was born in Curaçao. She graduated with distinction from the Utrecht Conservatory of Music with a bachelor and master’s degree. Even during her training she won several contests, including the first prize of Stichting Jong Muziektalent Nederland, the Rosa Ponselle International Competition for Vocal Arts in New York and the Cristina Deutekom Concours. 
After her course she was a member of Opera Studio in Amsterdam, and was chosen as “Rising Star” of the Concertgebouw. She gave a recital in the Kleine Zaal (Small Auditorium) of the Concertgebouw and went on tour, performing at the major concert halls of the world, e.g. in Paris, Salzburg, Vienna, Birmingham, Cologne and Carnegie Hall in New York. She represented the Netherlands at the prestigious BBC Singer of the World Contest 2003 in Cardiff.
Tania Kross’ career moved swiftly, characterised by her passion and her engaging personality on stage. At the Staatsoper in Stuttgart, Riga Opera House and the Glyndebourne Festival she was a popular Carmen. About her Carmen in Glyndebourne, conducted by Stephan Denève: “It’s fun to find one Carmen with the hair of Shirley Bassey, the figure of Barbara Windsor, the strut of Tina Turner and the freneticism of a go-go dancer paid by the wiggle. Her voice - smoky but with a glinting edge – is distinctive but cultured too.” (The Times, 2008).

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Krossover, opera revisited - LIMITED EDITION (2013)

Ouwehand, de Goederen, Fondse, Girod, Ruben Hein, Lucky Fonz III, Martijn Konijnenburg, Odilo Girod, Robert Jan Stips, Martijn van Agt, Huub van der Lubbe, Hein

Tania Kross


Tania asked the composers of today’s popular music to write the music for the project. The result is breathtaking, classical music which touches you from the start!

She invited contemporary Dutch pop composers to apply classical techniques to classic themes, creating new music with strong melodies rather than modernist stringencies, the results sumptuously arranged and sung with poise, power and precision.

    Radio 4

Radio 4 beloont Tania Kross voor haar streven om klassieke muziek zo dicht mogelijk bij een nieuw en jonger publiek te brengen.


De liedjesschrijvers, [...] Niet de minsten in het vak, en het resultaat ervan, [...] mag er best zijn.

U merkt het: ik kan er niet genoeg van krijgen. De liedjes bieden, hoe gek dat misschien klinkt, een soort troost.

Tania Kross is een zangeres met een enorm charisma. Ik houd van haar stijl en van haar 'performance' (de term 'theaterdier' is als een warm compliment op te vatten)

Op de plaat zijn bijzondere samenwerkingen te horen tussen de zangeres en popmuzikanten als Lucky Fonz, Huub van der Lubbe en Spinvis.

    Algemeen Dagblad

Het project Krossover, waarin zangeres Tania Kross samenwerkt met popmuzikanten als Lucky Fonz ||| en Spinvis, is in alle opzichten een opmerkelijke onderneming.

    Leeuwarder Courant

Ze klinken als warme, easy listening-achtige, soms naar het filmmuziek-repertoire neigende songs en liederen, vakkundig gearrangeerd voor het symfonieorkest.


De voor Kross gecomponeerde songs werden door producer Reyn Ouwehand en arrangeur Bob Zimmerman omgezet in symfonische nummers die tussen pop en Puccini inhangen. Golden Leaves is mooi breekbaar en Undyed (met intro van strijkkwartet) warmklankig. Dat geldt ook voor Rebiba: liefdesweemoed op muziek van Lucky Fonz III en teksten van Kross zelf.

Krossover, opera revisited - LIMITED EDITION (2013)

Ouwehand, de Goederen, Fondse, Girod, Ruben Hein, Lucky Fonz III, Martijn Konijnenburg, Odilo Girod, Robert Jan Stips, Martijn van Agt, Huub van der Lubbe, Hein

Tania Kross

Cables: Siltich Mono Crystal
Digital Converters: dCS
Mastering Engineer: Bert van der Wolf
Mastering Equipment: Avalon Acoustic
Microphones: Sonodore
Producer: Bert van der Wolf
Recording Engineer: Bert van der Wolf, Brendon Heinst
Recording location: Muziekcentrum Enschede Holland
Recording Software: Pyramix
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64

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CC72613: Krossover, opera revisited - LIMITED EDITION
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Mea culpa
Ouwehand,de Goederen
00:05:51   Select quality & channels above
O mar
00:03:19   Select quality & channels above
Golden leaves
00:03:26   Select quality & channels above
Ruben Hein
00:03:05   Select quality & channels above
Lucky Fonz III
00:05:21   Select quality & channels above
Nichts macht mehr Sinn
Martijn Konijnenburg
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To the end of the world
Odilo Girod
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Not a some time thing
Robert Jan Stips
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Go slow
Martijn van Agt
00:03:57   Select quality & channels above
Voor geen goud
Huub van der Lubbe
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Martijn Konijnenburg
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The wedding night
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