Requiem (2011)

Ockeghem, de la Rue

Cappella Pratensis

Cappella Pratensis
Stratton Bull

Ockeghem De la Rue Requiem

Stratton Bull - superius
Andrew Hallock - superius
Christopher Kale - altus
Lior Leibovici - altus
Olivier Berten - tenor
Peter de Laurentiis - tenor
Lionel Meunier - bassus
Pieter Stas-  bassus

The Requiems by Ockeghem and La Rue This recording presents the two earliest surviving polyphonic Requiems, by Johannes (Jean de)
Ockeghem and Pierre de La Rue, both among the few major Netherlandish composers of the time not to have spent significant portions of their
careers in Italy. Little is known of the early career of La Rue (c. 1452-1518), but from 1492 he served successive rulers in the Habsburg-Burgundian
chapel alongside equally distinguished musicians, first under Maximilian, then Philip the Fair (with whom he travelled twice to Spain), and finally,
the cultivated and tragic figure of Marguerite of Austria, regent of the Netherlands, for whom many of his most beautiful sad songs were written

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Cappella Pratensis

The Dutch-based vocal ensemble Cappella Pratensis – literally ‘Cappella des prés’ – champions the music of Josquin Desprez and the polyphonists of the 15th and 16th centuries. The group combines historically informed performance practice with inventive programmes and original interpretations based on scholarly research and artistic insight. As in Josquin’s time, the members of Cappella Pratensis perform from a central music stand, singing from the original mensural notation scored in a large choirbook. This approach, together with attention to the linguistic origin of the compositions and the modal system on which it is based, offers a unique perspective on the repertoire.


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Requiem (2011)

Ockeghem, de la Rue

Cappella Pratensis

    Sunday Times

studied, beautifully shaped and blended performances

    Early Music Today

Serious scholarship and a commitment to performing from a central music stand with a score in the original mensural notation combined creatively with mellifluous singing.

    Early Music Review

the sweeping unbarred nature of their singing is impressive and compelling

    Choir & Organ

Their exemplary performance, recorded superby in knock-out Hybrid SACD High Definition Surround Sound, are deeply embedded in both music and text - exquisite stuff.

    BBC Music Magazine

Two earliest surviving settings of the Requiem Mass receive beautiful realisations in superb sound: both perfirnabces abd recording quality are of exemplary clarity.

    Klassieke Zaken

Deze cd verenigt twee hoogtepunten uit het renaissancerepertoire in een ideale uitvoering. This CD unites two highlights of the Renaissance repertoire in an ideal performance.

Marcel Bijlo

    Brabants Dagblad

Cappella Pratensis' Requiem-cd is betoverend.

Requiem (2011)

Ockeghem, de la Rue

Cappella Pratensis

Cables: Siltch mono crystal
Digital Converters: dcs converters
Mastering Equipment: Avalon Acoustic monitoring
Microphones: Sonodore microphones
Producer: Bert van der Wolf
Recording Engineer: Bert van der Wolf
Recording location: Church of Vieusart Belgium
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64

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CC72541: Requiem
00:54:15   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Introitus - Requiem aeternam
00:04:25   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Kyrie
00:04:19   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Graduale - Si ambulem
00:04:28   Select quality & channels above
Requiem -Tractus - Sicut cervus
00:04:28   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Offertorium -Domine Jesu Christe
00:08:10   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Introitus Requiem - aeternam
de la Rue
00:04:18   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Kyrie
de la Rue
00:02:47   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Tractus - Sicut cervus
de la Rue
00:03:26   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Offertorium - Domine Jesu Christe
de la Rue
00:06:45   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Sanctus
de la Rue
00:05:04   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Agnus Dei
de la Rue
00:03:23   Select quality & channels above
Requiem - Communio - Lux aeterna
de la Rue
00:02:42   Select quality & channels above

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