Anna Maria Castelli

Anna Maria Castelli started her carreer as a jazz singer and is the only Italian artist who was invited for two consecutive years to the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.She has recorded four successful CDs and the latest one, whose title is “C’est toujours la même chanson” (Life srl/3 Lune Records) is touring a lot abroad and is having a great success both from critics and audience. “Something To Remember”, distributed by Foné, is having a great success also thanks to the excellent accompanists: Gianni Coscia (accordion) and Renato Sellani (piano).

Now, at her fullest artistic maturity, confining her inside a musical or artistic genre is getting increasingly difficult.

 She won the Europe Music Prize in August 2002 with “Opera Tango”, accompanied by the Uruguayan bandoneonist H.U. Passarella and his quartet, at the latest edition of the important Euromet Jazz Festival. Her love for this musical genre has seen the precious collaboration with M° Luis Bacalov, Academy Award for the soundtrack of the film “Il Postino”. With him, she has revived the best Carlos Gardel’s tangos as well as two still unpublished pieces by Bacalov himself, with her usual refined interpretation.Recently Tangoseis has replaced the voice of their group with her voice in their latest project, Todotango.

The success of her vast and rich interpretations, appreciated all over the world, witnesses the undeniable qualities of her unique interpretations and lists her among the best and most innovative contemporary artists.

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