Azusa Yamada

Vibraphone and Marimba artist Azusa Yamada majored in the marimba and studied a College Diploma Course at the Toho Gakuen University College of Music and undergraduate with global marimba players Abe Keiko and Hama Mayumi. In 2011 she was a student and received her Music Degree. In addition to performing with Wuja Bin Bin and Shibusawa Knight’s Orchestra, Azusa also writes compositions for my own bands MoMo, Atlas, Nouon and Quolofune. Azusa is featured on the albums Azusa Yamada and Pearl Alexander at Sakaiki 2015 (SDM & LiveRec SDSD-1036) and Azusa Yamada and Pearl Alexander at Sakaiki 2016 (SDM & LiveRec SDSD-1038) that were recorded by Seigen Ono. Azusa Yamada has appeared in several international music festivals including the Glastonbury Festival in the UK, the San Sebastian Jazzaldia in Spain, FNN Sines in Portugal and La Roque D’ Antheron Festival De Piano in France. She has also appeared in several music festivals and events in Japan including Roppongi Art Night, La Folle Journé and the Kanagawa International Art Festival. The range of her music activities is diverse. She expresses her talents in music production and recording. This includes music with Damo Suzuki (CAN) and Butoh Semaru (Sankai Juku). In addition, she supports vocalists such as Hoshino Gen, Taxi Saudade and Masakatsu Takagi. Azusa also conducts workshops that can be enjoyed by parents and children alike that cover making musical instruments and sharing music experiences.

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