Bjorn Boysen

Bjørn Boysen was born in Oslo in 1943. At the age of fourteen he began taking organ lessons from cathedral organist Arild Sandvold in Oslo, a teacher-student relationship that lasted until Boysen’s début recital in 1966. Boysen subsequently continued his studies in Copenhagen with Finn Viderø. Throughout his career Bjørn Boysen has taught organ, first at the Music Conservatory in Oslo from 1966, and then at the Norwegian Academy of Music from its opening in 1973 until he retired in 2014. From 1995 onwards he held the post of professor of organ at the Academy, and was Principal for eight years from 1991 to 1998. Many of today’s organists have had Bjørn Boysen as their teacher. Bjørn Boysen is considered to be one of Norway’s leading recital organists. His performing career has taken him all over Norway and to many European countries. He has made numerous recordings and frequently performs on radio and television. Bjørn Boysen was organist at Oslo Concert Hall 1978–2016 with responsibility for one of Norway’s largest organs. In addition to his career as a teacher and performer, Bjørn Boysen is a noted organ expert and is regularly consulted on organ matters. 

photo: from booklet

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