Christian Grøvlen

I have lived in music for as long as I can remember. I am a pianist because we had a piano at home, something for which I am utterly grateful. The piano is, in my opinion, the complete instrument, second only to the human voice. I have been lucky enough to have had a succession of great teachers, respectively in Bergen, Oslo, Vienna and Copenhagen.

I made my official concert debut in Universitetets Aula in May 2015 in Oslo, and at the Bergen International Festival in June the same year.

I have a strong, supporting family who has helped me and encouraged me in my work. Art in all its forms has influenced me, and so has great musicians like Rachmaninov, Cortot, Kleiber and Norman. But most of all, I have always felt that making music is a social activity, a unique form of communication, clearer and more emmediate than language. Music gives our thoughts and our feelings wings. To take part in the flight is my great privilige as an artist.

Christian Grøvlen, 2017

photo: from booklet 2L139

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