Gerard Zuchetto

Gerard Zuchetto is a researcher in the field of medieval lyric poetry of the troubadours. It is both a composer and author, specializing in the interpretation of the songs of Occitan troubadours twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
Since his first recordings in 1985, is a research and new personal updates trobar art. The trobar invention relates Trobadors and school, poets, musicians, creators of the courtly lyric. It ‘a symbol of refinement and artistic expression, is a melting pot of experiences and encounters with musicians of today who pay homage to the fabulous inventors yesterday. Knowledge trobar enriched with all the creation of music, conoissensa saber and offers his deep voice from the land of the troubadours in his crib, Occitan. Words invention lyrics and melodies to sing his many accents langue d’oc and such instruments: oud, citole, guiterne, dulcimer, violin strings, rebec or organistrum …

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