Jiyoung Park

A soloist underlining the existence of art in the process of making music, Violinist Jiyoung Park entered the Korea National University of Arts (KNUA) as a young talent musician at the age of 16 and obtained her Bachelor’s Degree as a Violin performance and minor as Musicology in the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, Korea. Following her studies at KNUA, she obtained her Soloist Diplomas at the ‘Hochschule fu?r Musik und Theater Hamburg’ in Germany, and also earned a Certification as a Specialized Music Performance, the Diploma “Interpretation Musicale Specialisee? avec orientation en Soliste” summa cum laude on admission and at graduation at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Lausanne (HEMU) in Switzerland.

She studied with violinist Pierre Amoyal, the one and only disciple who violin virtuoso Jascha Heifetz treasured, and violinist Kolja Blacher, former Concertmaster to the Berlin Philharmonic and soloist strongly confided in by maestro Claudio Abbado. Among her other teachers were violinists Anton Barovsky, Winfried Russman, and the renowned South Korean violin virtuoso, Nam Yun Kim.

Ms. Park started playing the violin at the age of seven in New Jersey, USA. By the time she had returned to Korea in 1991, she had already given several official concerts in South Korea. She was awarded the prize from the Competition for Young Musical Talent, and was presented as a young talented soloist on HCN. At the age of fifteen, she was designated as the leader (Concertmaster) of the Korea Chamber Orchestra while she was studying in the KNUA Pre-College Division Program for Young Artists in the Korean National University ofArts (KNUA).

Following her studies, she moved to Hamburg, Germany. She studied at the ‘Hochschule fu?r Musik und Theater Hamburg’ with Kolja Blacher. During her studies in Hamburg, she has given concerts in Laeiszehalle, Mendelssohn Salle and given numerous chamber music ensemble concerts and house concerts.

After since she moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, Ms. Park performed at numerous festivals and ensemble recitals in Europe. She was a member of the Camerata de Lausanne directing by Pierre Amoyal, giving concerts in France, Russia, Singapore and Switzerland, etc.

As a member to various musical societies, she has been the guest member of the Sinfonietta de Lausanne and Ensemble de Musique Contemporaine de Conservatoire de Lausanne, Ateliers de Musique Conservatoire (AMC). Among her repertoires she has collaborated works with several contemporary composers which were German, Swiss, andItalian contemporary works of the 21st century.

During her studies in Switzerland, she was a finalist in the Jeunesses Musicales Romania, and a finalist in the International Lyceum Club of Switzerland Music Competition. Her unique talent and sensitivity drew critical acclaim from the local press. She also collaborated with the Orchestra Chamber de Lausanne (OCL), Ensemble de Musique Contemporaine de Conservatoire de Lausanne, Ateliers de Musique Conservatoire (AMC).

Ms. Park performed the complete sonatas for violin and piano works of Edvard Grieg, Johannes Brahms, Gabriel Faure?, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Performing on stages at various venues, Ms. Park is as the Artistic Director of Ensemble de Rosemarie and teaching as a lecturer of violin in several Universities in Korea.

She had announced the album “Les trois e?toiles” in August 2018 and her recent CD, “Complete Violin Sonatas of Beethoven, Volume. 1” was just released in June 2019.

photo: from booklet AGCD0137

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