La Barca Leyden

La Barca Leyden takes its name from two songs, “La Barca” (“The Boat”, called “De Schuit” in Dutch) en “Fortuna guida” (“Fortune leads”) published in 1611 by the composer, city musician of Leiden and organist Cornelis Schuyt (1557-1616). Together, the two songs make a blessing, and, at the same time, an allusion to Schuyt’s own name, “Moge Fortuna de schuit sturen” (“May Fortuna steer your boat.”) This baroque ensemble, based in Leiden, The Netherlands, was formed in 2007 by flutist Raymond Honing and consists of musicians who specialize in historical performance practice. La Barca Leyden is finding ways to blow new life into the rich musical history of Leiden. The ensemble performs in large and small formations and its repertoire starts where Cornelis Schuyt finished: with the early baroque. 
The first recording “Italian masterpieces” with music by Vivaldi, Veracini, Geminiani, Corelli and Platti has been very well received by press and audience. 

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