Micha van Weers

The Dutch pianist Micha van Weers is a versatile performer in different facets of chambermusic. As a soloist she has focussed on twentieth-century Czech pianomusic, for which she has lived and studied in Prague. Beside playing solo and together with other instrumentalists, she has a special dedication to accompanying singers in song recitals.

In many reviews she has been praised for her colourful play and great expressivity. She performed concerts, e.g. in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Kassel State Theatre, in Paris, Prague, Stuttgart, Salzburg. She made recordings for radio and television in the Netherlands and abroad; in 2011 her debut-CD was launched with label Challenge Records Int. with songs of Cyril Scott and Ralph Vaughan Williams.

As an accompanist she won several awards, such as the MeesPierson Award 2004 in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, the Accompanist Award of the Helge Domp Competition; at the Seghizzi Song Competition in Italy she won the special RAI-prize and was the audience favorite, together with baritone Robbert Muuse. After studying piano solo in Maastricht with Tilly Keessen and Tonie Ehlen and in Prague with František Maxián, she specialized as an accompanist of the artsong in her studies with Konrad Richter, Hartmut Höll and Julius Drake. Furthermore she participated in masterclasses with Rudolf Jansen, Graham Johnson and Julius Drake. Besides the familiar, well-known repertoire, Robbert Muuse and Micha van Weers challenge themselves to continuously explore the field of unknown works, forgotten or even forbidden songs that they deem worthy to be re-discovered and performed as new. This research led to their present collection of approximately 80 songs by Cyril Scott, that have unjustly remained unknown to our generation.

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