Petra Magoni

Petra Magoni, as we used to say, does not need big introductions. For years in duo with Ferruccio Spinetti, historic double bass player of Avion Travel, she has performed on the most important international stages.

Among the hundreds of concerts a year with Musica Nuda, she is also able to dedicate herself to theater and other parallel projects, including the duo with the Vicenza lutenist Ilaria Fantin. For a few years Petra and Ilaria are on stage with the well-known director and actor Pippo Delbono in the show Il Sangue, an intimate journey through the history of Oedipus. They accompany the director in the main Italian and European theaters and write part of the soundtrack of his film Vangelo. The work is presented at the Venice Film Festival Days, winning the SIAE Award. Among the various shows, the duo consolidates and creates a repertoire that debuts in 2015 in Quito, Ecuador, with two evenings of sold out and exciting concerts.

A journey that retraces music from the ancient 1500s to the present day, re-adapting notes that have made history for archlute and voice and which, thanks to the skilled strings of Petra, are able to be reborn in a new light. Classical, rock, popular, folk, light, music moves away from labels and frees itself from time, interpreting notes and words that, even after centuries, still speak of us today.

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