Szakcsi Jr. Trio

The Bela Szakcsi Jr. Trio features Béla Szakcsi Jr. on Piano, Krisztián Pecek Lakatos on Double Bass and Elemér Balázs on Drums.

The trio’s performance is a sophisticated and elegant stage masterpiece. Their tone is inventive, their playing technically flawless, confident and completely unified. Listening to the music of this trio of 12 years, they are characterized by nuanced musical virtuosity. Their music reflects an exceptional talent for improvisation. They are undoubtedly outstanding, exceptional musicians.

Their soaring melodies, sensitive dynamics and tight rhythms, with the amazing power of their collective playing, will leave you in awe. The piano, bass and drums flawlessly convey the motifs.

They have already performed with many famous European and American jazz musicians such as John Patitucci, Jack DeJohnette, Ed Thigpen, Ravi Coltrane, Jean Toussaint, Palle Daniellson, Tony Lakatos, Pat Metheny, Mornington Lockett.

Three musical giants focus all their knowledge into a single point in the Szakcsi Jr. Trio.

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