Tang Jun Qiao

Ms. Tang Jun Qiao, the new icon of the Chinese dizi (chinese traditional flute) art, is now an professor of dizi at the Shagnhai Conservatory of Music, member of the All
China Musicians Association, director of the All China Traditional Instrumental Ensemble, and artistic director and music consultant of the Macao Youth Ensemble of Traditional Chinese Instruments.

Tang Jun Qiao was introduced to and began to learn the dizi from her father Mr. Tang De Zong when she was a teenager. Not long after her initial training, she took part in some competitions for junior and youth instrumentalists and won the top prizes.  In 1986, she entered the Music School affiliated with theShenyang Conservatory of Music of the norther Chinese province of Liaoning, and began her study with Professor Kong Qing Shan. In 1990, only 16 years old, Tang Jun Qiao gave her debut recital.


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