Tina Margareta Nilssen

Tina Margareta Nilssen was born in Bern, Switzerland and grew up in Trondheim, Norway. She began her studies at the Trondheim Conservatory with Jørgen Larsen. Later she studied with Professor Jiri Hlinka (Barratt Due Institute, Oslo), Professor Heide Görtz (Berlin University of the Arts) and Professor Jens Harald Bratlie (Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo) where she took her post-graduate degree in chamber music and solo performance. Nilssen has performed both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles in Norway, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, England, Russia and the USA. She has been awarded numerous scholarships and stipends for her playing. In addition to being a pianist, Nilssen has developed Timani, a method for movement analysis for musicians. She teaches this since 2007 in several universities and since 2013 in her own academy for musicians’ health in Oslo. 

photo: from booklet 2L142

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