Yukiko Miyazaki

Yukiko started at the Berklee College Music University in 2009 with a Professional Music Major. At Berklee College she studied arrangement and performance. She graduated with an honors degree of Magna Cum Laude.

After returning home, Yukiko played Jazz in the Osaka area where she was raised for the next 2 years. She received several Grand Prix Awards at the 2009 Saitama Shintoshin Jazz Vocal contest and the 2010 Okazaki Jazz Vocal contest.

In March 2011, Yukiko went to Tokyo as part of the major debut of the album “Haruoro” with Japanese-themed piano and vocal music and a new group “Futatsuyu”. After coming to Tokyo, she encountered Brazilian music such as Bossa Nova and Samba. Her exploration of this musical style led to meeting with Robson Amaral who supports the Brazilian music world in Japan.

Today, Yukiko is active in events, live houses, cafes and recordings. Her music focuses on Brazilian, Jazz, Original and Japanese Nursery Rhymes. Her repertoire is wide ranging. She is a vocalist that garners attention for singing that can have expressive power that is not bound by music genre. Yukiko says that she enjoys the fun and humanity of performing and has a reputation as a singer that makes “music that makes everyone cheerful.

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