Chasing Bone

CHASING BONE, is an instrumental trio based in Paris, France, consisting of two expatriate Greek musicians along with a French bass player. Guitarist/composer Panos Anastasiadis, drummer Giannis Grematas and bassist Felix Masson went through various musical experiences in Greece, Sweden, Germany and France. With this power trio they are developing their own brand of post-no-wave guitar textures with a fierce and colourful rhythm section. CHASING BONE blends heartfelt melodies, free noise improvisation, dark ambient and craftily built compositions. They have been performing in alternative venues and renowned jazz clubs around Paris such as Sunset and Instants Chavirés. In April 2017, they recorded their debut album titled “State of the Underdog” at Magnetic Fidelity studio. In the fall of 2017, they plan on touring Southern France, Italy and Greece.
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