Musica da ripostiglio

Luca Pirozzi & Musica da Ripostiglio (Closet Music) their initial purpose was to do a new chamber version of Luca Pirozzi’s repertoire, the singer and also the songwriter of the group, however given the times we live, their music has become from the storeroom… and here is the reason for the group’s name. In this period of great negativity for Italian culture, it is increasingly difficult to find space for new talent.
On stage the group expresses originality and artistic flair and the audience enjoys a lot, but above all the band plays and they do it with freshness and simplicity. Their music is an original meeting among the gipsy jazz, the tango and the traditional Greek dance Sirtaki. The everything is played with skill and the involvement of the public it is always guaranteed. The music combined with lyrics create some performances very charming, their stage presence it’s great the audience has fun because they play with them and there are no tricks just good music and a willingness to spend a nice evening.
Luca Pirozzi & Musica da Ripostiglio, is a group that carries with it all the fervour of their Italian culture, their concerts are often theatrical scenes and thanks to their expressive, they touch people's hearts.

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