Earl Hines – The Blues

Earl Hines

Original Recording Format: Analog

There is no more challenging role in music than that of the solo performer. To succeed in this field of creative endeavour requires a high level of confidence, prodigious technical expertise and, where jazz is concerned, a rare continuity of inspiratio
Earl Hines had all of these qualities, and more. As in the case of the other jazz masters, when you listen to the extemporisations of “Fatha” Hines, you are not simply hearing music of a most elevated order – you are listening to a virtuoso who shaped the course of jazz history, a man who single-handedly (a highly inappropri- ate metaphor in one sense) changed the role of the piano in jazz and brought his unique influence to bear on a multitude of musicians.
When Stanley Dance produced these sides in New York, Hines was in his 69th year and had more than half a century of music—making behind him. He was in ebullient form, attacking the music with all the weapons in his pianistic armoury. As the basis for his free-ranging, sometimes quixotic, improvisations, he chose six songs whose music was composed by Harold Arlen, a most gifted writer who was responsible for some of the more sophisticated popular songs of the thirties and forties.But, in truth, the real composer here is Hines himself. Where Teddy Wilson or a Tommy Flanagan would play songs like this and tailor their improvisations accord- ing to the cloth of the original composition, Hines takes up the Arlen jacket, turns it inside out, and gives it a brilliantly patterned lining, brass buttons, a velvet collar, gold braid and a florid buttonhole.


Cotton Club Parade - I've Got the World on a String
The Wizard of Oz - Over the Rainbow
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
St. Louis Woman - Come Rain or Come Shine
The Sky's the Limit - My Shining Hour
Cotton Club Parade - As Long as I Live

Total time: 00:44:38

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Digital Converters


Editing Software


Mastering Engineer

René LaFlamme, Transfer from Analog Master Tape to DSD 128

2xHD is a record label which uses its proprietary system to process music masters originally recorded in analog to DSD in order to produce a unique listening experience.The process uses a selection from a pool of high-end audiophile components and connectors. In some cases even using battery power, so as to benefit from the cleanest power source possible. This variable equipment combination custom tailored to each project, creates the most accurate reproduction of the original recording, unveiling informaton previously masked by the use of EQ, transformers, patch bays, extended cable length etc. The selection of components is critical, as many A/D and D/A converters are unable to pierce through these filters that create a ceiling effect to the sound. The 2xHD system preserves the dynamics of the original master and provides an open feeling to the sound.

2xHD was created by producer/studio owner André Perry and audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme, two dedicated music lovers determined to experi- ence only the warmth and depth of the music without hearing the equipment.

2xHD Mastering by: René Laflamme 2xHD Executive Producer: André Perry

Original Recording Format


Stanley Dance

Recording Engineer

Fred Miller

Recording location

Recorded March 23-24, 1974 at Warp Studios, NYC

Recording Software


Recording Type & Bit Rate

Analog Tape to DSD 128

Release Date January 5, 2018


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