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Pure DSD

Lazy Lady (DSD EP) (Pure DSD)

Bartha Arnedo Quartet

From Analog Tape

Dexter Gordon, Montmartre 1964

Alex Riel, Dexter Gordon, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and 1 more

From Analog Tape

Manhattan Stories

Charles Lloyd, Gabor Szabo, Pete La Roca Sims and 1 more

Album of the Year 2021
AOTY Audience Award

Love You Madly – Live at Bubba’s

Duffy Jackson, Monty Alexander, Paul Berner and 1 more

Album of the Year 2019

Ballade Pour La Nuit (Ballad for the Night) (One Microphone Recording)

Pigalle44, Reinier Voet

Best Seller

5 Tracks In DSD 512, Volume 1

Feenbrothers, Les Chat Noirs, Rachel Podger and 2 more

From Analog Tape

Klipsch Tape Reissues Vol. II

The Joe Holland Quartet

Best Seller
From Analog Tape

Jazz At The Pawnshop

Arne Domnerus, Bengt Hallberg, Egil Johansen and 2 more

From Analog Tape

Double Vision

Paul Bollenback

From Analog Tape

Sophisticated Lady Vol. I

Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet

From Analog Tape

Easy To Love (One Microphone Recording)

Kate McGarry