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Native DSD customers say...


"Music at its purest"

- Dickson Kirimi

"I have purchased DSD music downloads from Native DSD Music. They are a First Class organization."

- Paul Novitt (United States of America)
Our friends at the Native DSD Music store are doing a fantastic job of creating a central place where highest resolution music fans can go to find the best quality recordings in the world in both Stereo and Multichannel, directly from labels recording in DSD and/or DXD.

Native DSD's catalog now contains 1,300+ albums from 50+ labels, all and only available in DSD (and sometimes DXD). More and more record labels are joining this platform store as DSD is becoming the go-to format for acoustic recorded music.

For more information, free DSD tracks and how to play them back check the latest Brian's Corner post on the NativeDSD blog:
- Merging Technologies (Switzerland)
Superb platform for true high res and high quality music.
- Ben van Leliveld (The Netherlands)

"NativeDSDMusic is a good place to buy music in DSD format. There is a lot to choose from and whatever one buys, it comes with an incredible service. The staff does it outmost to solve any problem one comes across and helps with friendly advice on how to get the best out of the music."

- Ulf Lundin (France)

I have appreciated all my purchases at Native DSD and have spent many pleasurable hours listening to the music. I particularly am a great fan of the multichannel format and I hope you continue to add to your wide selection of multichannel offerings. Thanks for being one of the few sites that offers true high resolution and multichannel classical music.

- Charlie Labarge (Canade)

"NativeDSDMusic is a good place to buy music in DSD format. There is a lot to choose from and whatever one buys, it comes with an incredible service. The staff does it outmost to solve any problem one comes across and helps with friendly advice on how to get the best out of the music."

- Ulf Lundin (France)

"I highly recommend NativeDSD. I've purchased several Multichannel DSD downloads. Customer service is great too. I had an issue playing one of the downloaded tracks and they worked diligently to provide a solution. 

- Steven Bromley (USA)

"NativeDSD Music is a Great Music Website" 

- Audio Primate Blog ( United Kingdom)

"The NativeDSD Music website is pretty cool. There's a spreadsheet document in the introductory "join up" pop up that lays it all out there on DSD equipment, relative expenses, etc.. I feel like a caveman drawing stick figures on a cave wall now, but I'm catching on, thanks."

- Mike Lynch

"I highly recommend NativeDSD. I've purchased several Multichannel DSD downloads. Customer service is great too. I had an issue playing one of the downloaded tracks and they worked diligently to provide a solution. -- Steven Bromley" 

- Steven Bromley

"Have you heard DSD? It is life affirming!"

- Ian McPhee (Australia)

"NativeDSD’s website is well laid out and easy to navigate. Purchases are stored in one’s download history, but there’s also an option to upload them to DropBox for easy access. Support staff are friendly and they respond quickly to your queries, which is a welcome bonus. -- Music Web International" 

- Dan Morgan (USA)

"Once in a while I purchase Multichannel DSD tracks from Native DSD. I noticed whilst looking at my account that they had given me a free track from this album. I invite you to listen to the sound clips provided on their album page. 

If you like that sort of acoustic sound, you will get a huge kick out of the album. Extremely well recorded. Worth every penny!"

- -- Simon A (Quebec City, Canada)

I must say how pleased I am with the quality of all my files from NativeDSD. I have spent some time listening to the Mendelssohn session test files and find that overall I like the 256 version best - it wins on the resolution which gives a real live feeling. However it is not best on everything - I think the Grimm 64 version has a slightly sweeter string tone. String tone is very important to me and for me this is the biggest difference between DSD and PCM. 

- Colin McIntyre (Sweden)

"Tom and Jonas and the gang, congrats on reaching the 1,000 release mark! I really appreciate being able to buy both the stereo and mch versions of an album for little more than the mch alone! -- Larry Toy"

- Larry Toy (USA)

This afternoon I am slowly becoming mesmerised by Terry Riley's 'In C', from this great new Channel Classics Records release by the Ragazze Quartet in DSD64/128/256 via Native DSD Music. 

(link to post)

- Andrew Everard (United Kingdom)

 It's extremely hard to tell the difference between the original record and the DSD64 recording. To my ears DSD comes extremely close to analogue, because of its seamless fluency. That's something I do not hear in PCM.

- Vincent van Rooij (The Netherlands)

What I wish I had, but hadn’t gotten around to buying, was Janá?ek's Glagolitic Mass, something I just remedied. (Incidentally, I think Janá?ek remains one of the most overlooked composers of large orchestral music, at least in this country. I regret that there isn’t a really high quality DSD recording of his Sinfonietta, which is a favorite showoff piece of mine). The point of this note, however, is to explain why I was happy to pay and extra 0,66 € over what your erstwhile competitor charges:

  • That’s only 74¢, which won’t get you even a cup of coffee
  • It is against their “discount” of 20%. It kind of looks to me like they are artificially bumping their prices up to show a discount, an old marketing trick for the unwary,
  • The competitor's are sloppy of the metadata, which sometimes doesn’t even exist.

My ultimate point is that 74¢ to get the download correctly and hassle-free is more than worth it. Indeed, of the half-dozen sources I buy from (I do buy high-res FLAC recordings that are either not available on DSD or that don’t really warrant the special sonic treatment), you guys run a business the way it should be.

Well done!


- Kemer Thompson (United States)

A recording of music from a long time ago. Wonderful !" -- About the album CPE Bach Flute Sonatas from Fone

Facebook message

- Paola Liberato via Facebook (Italy)

Downloading all David Elias albums from @nativeDSDmusic Beautiful sounding, played, sung and written songs. Best music I've heard in years! (Via twitter)

See his music here:

- Jonathan Weiss (United Kingdom)

I absolutely love buying music from your site. I learned about your site after buying myself a Chord Mojo and i must say Chord picked a good site to partner with. I really like your Classical music and Jazz options so i'm definitely buying more of those in the future to add to the ones i have now. 

- Carl Immanuel Manalo (Philippines)

I believe there is an audible difference between DSD 64fs and DSD 128fs with my preference being DSD 128fs. My experience of DSD 128fs manifests in a smile, relaxation and a seductive call to listen intently. Listening to NativeDSD's recordings through LampizatOr's Euforia was very close to a euphoric experience. Playing native DSD, especially the double DSD on the Euforia has it in EAR Acute territory and I'm delighted with the presentation.

- Larry Cox, Positive Feedback (USA)

I am really grateful to have found Native DSD. Wonderful music in great sound delivered by wonderful people who care about their customers. Looking forward to many more. Happy Holidays!

- Harry Sillen from Native DSD on Facebook (USA)

If you want to hear some of the best sounding and well-recorded classical music, get yee to NativeDSD and check out Jared Sacks' work for his Channel Classics label. You will not be disappointed.

(link to posting)

- Michael Lavorgna, Audiostream (USA)

I downloaded it yesterday and have listened through it a couple of times. Great music. Very well recorded. Recommended

- Chrille on the Computer Audiophile forum

The Just Listen DSD Free Sampler. I'm playing this for the first time, and the sound is amazing. The Mahler selection (track 5) and the String Quartet one (track 7) gave me goosebumps.

- Simon A (Quebec City, Canada)

DSD reminds me of pure analog and those recordings of live performances that transport you right into the original performance. There is nothing else like it in the digital world. -- See posting

- Orlando Foss (USA)

Recently falling in love with high quality recordings in general and DSD ditto:s in specific, I now sweep the internet for music to download. I´ve bought a few albums from your website as well as downloaded the free samplers and must say the addition of my (portable) Chord Mojo to my main system at home as well to my computer at work I gotta say DSD is something else. I kind of urge for more. Much more. Very pleasing and joyful.

Now, Breno Viericimo Group. Wow! What a bunch of musicians. But, where can I find more from them? I read somewhere you have signed them. Correct? Is there any full album release one can anticipate in near future? I´d love to hear more from them. The “8 Ensambles In 1 Bit” album is just such a lovely piece of album and I just hope for more. Especially from the “Breno´s”.

- Per Eklöf (Sweden)

The tracks clearly demonstrate (literally!) how good digital recordings can be when experienced engineers with first class musicians and venues with excellent acoustics all come together. An orchestra in full flight is something to behold. Synergy certainly at play here.

- Gordon Hargreaves (Cambridge, UK)

"Fantastic sound quality,only bought one track going to have to buy the whole album now :-)*"

(discussing Beethoven Symphonies 5 and 7 by Pittsburgh Symphony on Reference Recordings)

*see post

- Foxx Artizan Delaney (Switzerland)

I'm very impressed with your web site. The design structure is first rate. Easy as pie to get around and clearly laid out. Diverse collection and truly top of the line sound recordings. New works and young artists are well represented

- Stephen Zaneteas (USA)

 Today I attended a very educational workshop with Jared Sacks at Pure in Oostzaan. The added value of DSD above PCM was obvious.

- Heero de Vries (Netherlands)

I was blown away by the recording and performance of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring I down loaded . I have loved this piece since first hearing it 30 years ago. Your recording of it is the best I've ever heard. The performance makes sense of the rhythmic and melodic complexities in a way I've never heard before. 

- Patrick Mullins (Australia)

The first thing that hit me during listening to your samplers, was the closer-to-analogue sound (yes, I ‘m a vinyl lover!), than other digital formats. After listening a bit longer, I became beware of the fact that:

  • The musicians did seem to be more together
  • Improved soundstage
  • Better dynamics
  • More detailed without sounding analytical
  • The music had more room to breathe
  • The music was more emotional

It just sounded all in all just more pleasant to my ears and it was more involving, feeling more in contact with the music.

- Marcel Boekholt (Netherlands)

Keep up the great work! What an amazing way to enjoy recorded music! Spine-tingling good!

- Noel Perrin (USA)

I am very proud to let you know that I am now enjoying all of my favourite music I downloaded in DSD by following your guidance.

The first sound of Rachel's La Stravaganza was indeed mind-blowing! I felt strongly that I must establish my new listening environment with a better D/A converter to listen to Channel Classics's recording with speakers . This is the only recording on which I can clearly hear the difference of pichicato sound by viola da gamba and that of theorbo. It is also my pleasure to do all I can to let as many people as possible know about the new music world of Native DSD.

- Satoshi Saigo (Japan)

"Fab Bach Keyboard Concertos" - See the posting here.

- Andrew Everard, Audio and Hi-Fi Reviewer

 “The sound of these albums is truly amazing, buy some good equipment and you'll be amazed!!”

- Tommy Quinn (USA)

GREAT music recorded AND presented at DSD128. Doesn't get any better! Thank you.

- Doak Wattigney (USA)

"Just get me more DSD files. Through the Lampizator BIG 7 they sound great !"

Full statement here.

- Stuart Smith

I’m a big fan of your site—hands down the highest quality hi-res recordings. I really appreciate how you manage to combine great performances with great recording quality. Often you only get one or the other!

A feature I’d really enjoy is a wishlist. I try to limit myself to one purchase at a time (to ensure that I listen to it), but often see recordings I’d like to queue up for future purchase…

- Andrew Harman (USA)

Thanks for excellent customer support by Tom Caulfield at NativeDSD. The annoying pop noise is now gone on this awesome recording. I'm again a fully satisfied customer. 

Two thumbs up for NativeDSD !!



- rl5555 @ (USA)

I like the engagement of the people at Native DSD and their dedication to high quality music. 

- Torsten Frank

"If you would like to get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out the new DSD download of Reference Recordings Bruckner’s 4th Symphony performed by the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Manfred Honeck. The recording was made and post produced in 64fs DSD on a Pyramix workstation and is available for download of the .dsf files from Native DSD. There is a bloom and dimensionality to this recording that is intoxicating with extended listening.  The overall reproduction of the instrumental textures is easily heard with the JCAT Reference. One has no problem identifying a soundstage that is richly layered if the rest of your system is up to the task." 

- -- Steven Plaskin (Audiostream)

DSD is conveniently better than cd. It sounds like vinyl to me which in fact sounds better without the need or hassle for record deck. There is no such thing as perfect but this is at least a step in the right direction.

- Peter

I never feel drained after listening to DSD music; quite to the contrary, I am quite invigorated after hearing music recorded at this level.

- Colin

My collection of DSD music is growing rapidly and until I found your website a few months ago, I thought Blue Coast Records, Opus3, David Elias and 2L were the only distributors of high quality DSD downloads. But your site is one of the best with great offerings and a good download system -- and so many new recordings for me to explore! So you have given me a whole new source of good music to start acquiring!!  And, I think your NativeDSD website has set the benchmark for quality and variety for all the others to emulate. I enjoy especially the Technical Specs you provide with each album, the ability to listen to a sample of most tracks prior to purchasing, your download speeds and your complete zipped data bundles. Everything works well without any glitches. - Bill

- Bill

I would like to congratulate you on a first rate initiative to improve the availability of high quality recorded music and look forward to new labels joining you. Your clearly defined policy on minimal manipulation of recordings is very welcome as is your obvious commitment to the highest standards of recording practices. I appreciate the additional convenience of .DSF files with metadata.

- Genni

I am very much enjoying all the DSD music you provide here, please keep it coming! In the Testimonials section of your site I notice a reference towards the “naturalness” of the instruments on the recordings in addition to your consummate customer service. While I have not dealt with the latter as I have not encountered any problems with your service, I can attest to the former in that, as a lover of vinyl and high resolution digital audio, I have not experienced anything quite like the albums provided on your website—often it feels as if I am seated in the hall with the musicians when listening to this music. Beyond these concerns, I would like to add that one of the secondary reasons I enjoy listening to DSD is the total lack of fatigue experienced, both during and after listening—I never feel drained after listening to DSD music; quite to the contrary, I am quite invigorated after hearing music recorded at this level. As someone who truly appreciates acoustic music (especially orchestral and chamber music), I cannot think of a better way to enjoy it at home unless you have vinyl that has been pressed in the most controlled environment (unlikely), or master tapes readily available at your disposal. Thank you for all that you do.

- Colin

I want to express my appreciation for your excellent and fast-developing download service. It is the best. And congratulations on the PFO Reader Award. My sense too is that the SQ of these files exceeds that of the same content on SACD. The user experience on NativeDSD fully serves the 21st Century audiophile.

- Desmond

G'day, I love Native DSD. You have sensible download speeds which means I get albums today, not next week. You also have great music. What I'd really like to see is a broader range of music genres - particularly contemporary music and even some rock/pop!! I'd also be keen to see more double rate DSD. Above all please stick to your Native DSD format. So many sites offer DSD that's been remastered from Redbook or something equally stupid. Please don't go that route. I'd also like to praise your customer support. Any time I've had a problem I've received prompt, friendly and helpful service from Jonas. Congratulations!! Merry Christmas and thanks for the service.

- Mike

You mentioned to me that you were happy the sound quality is meeting my expectations... hmm... the sound quality far exceeds my expectations! You guys are doing major work, with offering these DSD recordings.

- Vlad

The recording sounds very good! The rear channels are very subtle, which is appropriate, and just provide room ambience. I hope to find more great music on your site. The increasing availability of high resolution music is a great benefit to those of us who love to listen to music with all of its detail and dynamics. - Bill

- Bill

I listened to the free Stereo "Just Listen" downloads on the Geek Out 1000 and my PM-1 Oppo Headphones. Very nice! And now that the iDSD Nano with DSD256 playback has arrived, time to grab the DSD256 free files....

- Bryan

I have recently purchased my first DSD download (Britten Sinfonietta on Harmonia Mundi) from Native DSD and I have to say that I encountered no problems whatsoever in the process. The music is a delight and the sound quality - well what can I say - is stunning! The music just sounds so vivid that you feel you are listening to a musical performance with real musicians. The true to life sound of the instruments and voice, the spacial characteristics and dynamic contrasts of the performance all add up to a deeply satisfying musical experience. For me, DSD must be the way forward and I am hoping beyond hope that the medium grows in strength. I wish you luck with the project and I look forward to being able to download many more files in the future.

- Tom

Praise for a message for newbies like us:

"In the meantime, I have a new favorite music store at"


- Pedroboe

The download was successful and the music is glorious. Thanks for the excellent customer service on a difficult weekend, and thanks especially for all the great music on your site. I wish you success in offering more DSD music.

- James

Love the site.  Elegant, informational, warm and inviting, sophisticated and super easy to navigate.  It's very smart to give away a healthy sample of songs to really sit down and enjoy and compare.  This is the kind of thing that will get people engaged in DSD music. Thanks!!

- Eli (Georgia, USA)

I am very impressed with the sound quality of this album and may try others in the Channel of China DSD download section. You make excellent recordings.

- Teresa

I  managed recently to listen to a DSF file without converting it to PCM. The space is transformed, magnified...

- Arthur