ADS is an independent record label based in São Paulo, Brazil, that boasts a state-of-the-art audio studio and brings together the latest in musical technology. Founded in 2023 by recording engineer and producer Gustavo Cândido, ADS specializes in high-quality music productions and prioritizes recording albums in high-resolution formats such as DXD, DSD, and PCM.

Its infrastructure has been designed to offer a world-class critical listening room and post-production facilities, employing cutting-edge technology. ADS strives to ensure high-performance recordings by collaborating with the most prominent Brazilian artists and conducting its productions in real acoustic spaces.

The work of ADS is characterized by collaboration with artists from various genres who share its vision of promoting a wide range of musical works, whether they are popular, native, folkloric, classical, contemporary, or original. The emotional factor and the pursuit of sonic quality will always guide all its endeavours.

In the end, ADS is about music, high-fidelity audio, and how it is presented to the listener. Its goal is to create an immersive and engaging listening experience, making the listener truly feel present in the musical event.

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