Audioguy is a music recording company and record label highly specialized in Classical music, Jazz, Gukak (Korean traditional music) and acoustic projects. Established in 2000, Audioguy possesses extensive experience in recording with a deep passion and genuine love for music. Nominated almost every year and winning a few Korean Music Awards, we try to hold the balance of both music and technology in order to capture and create state-of-the-art sound with idealistic microphone and recording techniques.

   Being the pioneer of recording in DSD since 2002 in South Korea, Audioguy has produced more than 100 titles in DSD and is very excited to bring these albums to audiophile listeners of the world in DSD. We have many successful location-recordings at churches and concert halls with excellent sound systems in South Korea, as well as Germany, Netherlands, France, Japan, China, Mongolia, and other places around the globe.

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