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Caro Mitis produces state-of-art releases of classical music recordings of outstanding Russian & European musicians, ensembles & orchestras. Caro Mitis albums contain a number of World Premiere Recordings, particularly of early music. Caro Mitis fundamentals are: – recording and postproduction by Polyhymnia International B.V. – the leader in SACD format; – manufacturing of all the titles as hybrid SACDs (thus allowing customers to play the disks on regular CD-players) at SONY DADC (Austria); – unique design of disks, multi-lingual booklets and inlays; – extensive illustrated information in all the booklets; – a long-term recording programme with a number of World Premiere Recordings every year. In 2003 and in the begining of 2004 4 titles were produced and released. Recording plan for 2004 comprises twelve titles. The first Caro Mitis SACDs got a number of extremely positive reviews in the European press, as well as a few awards. Caro Mitis exclusively records and supports Pratum Integrum Orchestra – a leading orchestra on authentic instruments in Russia. Caro Mitis has an exclusive recording contract with an outstanding oboist Alexei Utkin.

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