Crier Records

Megumi Stohs, one of the Criers and also the label manager, explains: “Crier Records was born from the desire to take A Far Cry’s concert programming to the next level. Having our own label provides the utmost flexibility to create and release our musical experience to the world in a way that is beautiful inside and out, and to find a unique expression for every project. We are thrilled now to share our whole process – from the spark of a Crier’s idea, to the creation of a program, through the rehearsing, the concert, the recording process, and finally the completed realization of that initial spark: something you can hold in your hand and share with the world.”

Audiophile quality will be a hallmark of Crier Records; every recording will be released in both standard and high resolution versions (some, including Dreams & Prayers, using DSD128 [5.6MHz] technology). The next two releases on Crier Records will be Law of Mosaics (November 2014), premiere recordings of music by Ted Hearne and Andrew Norman; and History of the Night (early 2015), a live album drawn from concerts at New England Conservatory’s Jordan Hall, featuring “night music” by Mozart, Bartók, Schoenberg and Dvo?ák.

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