The Farelive HD Recording Label is a record label born in Matera, Italy, in 2005. They are currently on the recording market with a direct sale and promotion following a twenty-year experience developed in the field of High Definition Record Production and Publishing.

The permanent promotion and publicising of its productions has produced unanimous praise from critics and in 2012 the label participated in the Medimex of Bari as a guest exhibitor. In 2015 Farelive arrived in digital record market on the major platforms for downloading and streaming. Recently, the “Ebanthology” production received 5 stars from the “Musica” magazine and triple Silver Medal from the “Global Music Award”. The expertise of the production staff has more than 600 recordings made on the national territory and uses both a mobile studio and a new one recently inaugurated in the new headquarters of Sammichele di Bari.

Following a high standard of both recording and production quality, over 40 albums were produced and released in the Principal series, 2 albums in the Demo series and 2 albums in the Memo series. Recently, the third-party distribution of author publications in the Meta series has been published. We are proud that the recordings are available at NativeDSD Music in DXD, their highest quality. the NativeDSD Team has made the remodulations to DSD from those original files.

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