Hearingfield Recordings

By focusing as much on space and texture, as on melody and harmony, there’s a hope that people will experience additional ways to encounter music and sound on their Hi-Fi systems. We aim to create environments in the listener’s space, with each recording placing varying emphasis on things such as imaging, detail retrieval, and soundstage.

To achieve this, the recordings are made with hardware synthesizers, effects units, and pianos. There are no computer-based plugins present, and all tracks are recorded in real time. So far, these limitations seem to produce the most human version of electronic music in our experience. So, this has become sort of a guiding principle in all the releases.

Hearingfield Recordings aims to capture the sound, which was present at the moment of creation, in the purest possible form. Tracks are recorded through an analog mixer, in DSD 128 and mixed at 352 kHz 32 bit (DXD). There is little, to no, use of post-production processing. This should allow the sounds to breathe into space, and scale in excitement as the listener increases the volume.

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