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In our recording studio – named Supersize Recording – we have a Neve 88R analog console and a Merging Technologies Hapi Analog to Digital Converter that are used at Stereo DSD 128 and DSD 256 resolutions. Allowing Hunnia to provide NativeDSD listeners with Live, Direct to Pure DSD Stereo releases.

The most important thing to me is the feeling of joy that is brought about by the quality of recorded sound. Sometimes, the music that is being played becomes secondary. This could be some kind of an ancient phenomena, because there is so many types of music the value of which is not given by beauty or intellectual content, and they have only an acoustical effect.

This music works on a sensational level and gives an experience like good food, fine wine or the feeling of sunshine on my skin. It can be noticed on our albums that they are very musically diverse touching a number of genres.

I am not a planner. What touches me – for which I feel love – is an audio recording. This is beautiful in music that it exists in the moment. That has been performed and cannot be heard in the same way again. This is why it is important to record music and theater productions.  These are volatile treasures, not like books or movies and must be preserved in all of their glory for you the listener to enjoy for many years to come!

Robert Zoltán Hunka

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