Just Listen Records

Just Listen Records, a small and dynamic music label, was founded in 2015 by Jared Sacks and his son Jonas, starting from a shared passion for jazz and a commitment to capturing the true essence of live performances. With Jared’s extensive experience as founder, producer, and engineer of Channel Classics and NativeDSD, renowned for its exceptional sound quality, Just Listen Records set out to redefine the way music is recorded and enjoyed. Still run by father and son, and supported by label manager Jara Holdert, this small team has beautiful releases in the pipeline, and a growing discography of jazz, crossover, world and folk music.

At the core of Just Listen Records’ philosophy lies the pursuit of unparalleled artistic and sonic fidelity. The label employs the cutting-edge DSD 256 recording technique, capturing music themselves in the highest resolution audio available today. By recording artists live in one room, often looking for spaces with good natural reverb, Just Listen Records recreates the vibrant energy of a concert setting with the sound quality of a recording studio. Through their meticulous approach, the label emphasises the magic of musicians playing together and strives for a seamless balance in the captured sound.

Unlike traditional post-production practices, Just Listen Records refrains from excessive editing and mixing, allowing the music to maintain its organic authenticity. The resulting audio files preserve the true essence of the original performance, both artistically and sonically. This commitment to purity and fidelity sets Just Listen Records apart, providing listeners with a truly immersive and genuine musical experience.

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Pure DSD

Jazzy Flugelhorn in DSD Bundle [Pure DSD]

Angelo Verploegen

45 rpm
AOTY Audience Award
Album of the Year 2020

Amsterdam Moon (140g Vinyl)

The Coo

AOTY Audience Award
Album of the Year 2020

Amsterdam Moon

The Coo