Outer Marker Records

No Artistic Boundaries, No Sonic Compromises

Living in the spaces between the rigidly defined categories that many other labels adhere to, Outer Marker is dedicated to spotlighting new artists and works that may not align with typical convention.

Founded by engineer/producer Doug Fearn and musicians/producers/engineers George and Geoff Hazelrigg, Outer Marker completes an all-embracing audio ecosystem designed to capture and deliver music that embodies both artistic and sonic excellence, eschewing the constraints of genres and playlists. This feedback loop began with their experience in the studio and on stage as engineers, producers and performers and eventually led to the design and manufacture of handcrafted, vacuum tube-based recording equipment. These products, released under the banners of D.W. Fearn and Hazelrigg Industries, are now considered to be essential gear in many of today’s top recording studios.

Doug, George and Geoff – utilising their hand-built studio equipment – personally produce and engineer each project in a direct-to-DSD process that removes all barriers between the art and the audience and deliver a superlative sonic experience to the listener.

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