Cuarteto Quiroga wins Spain’s National Music Award 2018

Cuarteto Quiroga has just informed NativeDSD that they have won Spain’s National Music Award 2018! Congratulations to the Quiroga quartet members and the label Cobra Records. What an achievement. What an honour.  

Today, while we were rehearsing Boccherini, in our home, the Museo Cerralbo of Madrid, the phone rang: “we pass you with the Minister of Culture”, said a kind voice. We went rapidly from perplexity to total astonishment, when the Culture Minister, Mr. José Guirao, personally announced to us that the jury brought together by the ministry of culture had awarded us the Spain’s National Music Award 2018, the higher distinction of our country in terms of culture. We are overwhelmed, excited and happy. We want to thank those who, for more than fifteen years -when this adventure began-, have supported us day by day, come rain or come shine. The list is huge, endless…. but the important thing is that you all know that this prize bears also your name. Chamber Music is shared music, dialogued, thoughtful, daring, generous, experimental, risky and lives always flirting with the edge of the intoxicating abyss where beauty dwells. And if String Quartet is, as a genre, its most refined expression-the triumph of difference and the illustrated debate -, our quartet, the Cuarteto Quiroga is the sum of all those who have helped us day by day to share that way of understanding our coexistence in society and of experiencing music. That’s why today, the most important thing we can say is: thank you.– Cuarteto Quiroga

Written by

Floor Van der Holst

Floor is Marketing & Label Manager at NativeDSD Music