Gearing Up for AXPONA 2024 with LINKWITZ (Part 2)

This year at AXPONA 2024 our music will still be presented in collaboration with – More specifially, they will be showcasing a number of One Microphone Recordings from our catalogue. If you are attending the show you can find them in Suite 1421. LINKWITZ’s CEO Frank Brenner has the following to say about the upcoming show…

We have created a special album from the music demonstrated at AXPONA 2024!

AXPONA countdown is running…

Come to Chicago and encounter a vibrant showcase of audio equipment, presentations, and live demonstrations. The LINKWITZ parlor #1421 promises an intriguing exploration of the music chain, spanning from the artist’s studio to the speakers in your listening space.

On Friday, April 12th we will feature the minimalistic recording techniques. Notably, only a small portion of contemporary recordings are captured using single (stereo) microphones or minimalistic techniques. These recordings are celebrated for their authenticity, natural sound quality, intricate nuances, and the emotional expression conveyed by the artists. 

One-Microphone Recordings on NativeDSD

Special Guest: D.W. Fearn

The renowned recording engineer, is set to provide valuable insights into recording methods during his live video presentation. D.W. Fearn’s meticulous techniques ensure exceptional sound quality, and his work can be experienced through the holographically immersive LINKWITZ LX521.4MG reference system.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with D.W. Fearn during the Q&A session following his speech. Join us for D.W. Fearn´s live video presentation on Friday, April 12th , 3 p.m. , LINKWITZ parlor #1421

Mark your calendar for this captivating event and immerse yourself in highend audio! 

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