Hunnia Records in the DSD Spotlight (15% Off all albums!)

Everyone who has read our newsletter or visited our homepage or social media channels over the past 3 weeks, will have noticed that one label in particular has been extremely productive…. Hunnia Records!

The Hungarian label Hunnia Records joined NativeDSD Music late 2019, and in just two years’ time, released 49 DSD albums, many of which are Pure DSD 256 recordings, at the store! Hunnia’s Róbert Zoltán Hunka has written a personal letter to the NativeDSD listeners, which you can read below.

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15% OFF Hunnia Records (49 albums to date)

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Dear Listeners of NativeDSD,

At the end of 2021, Hunnia publications were a little bit over-represented on the NativeDSD site. This is due to the additional 16+2 Stereo DSD 256 channels to our former 8 channels of DSD 256 Stereo available in 2021. This change allowed us to record a much wider variety of music and bands, but the 24-channel mixing took much longer than we had planned. Therefore, many of the recordings we planned to release in the autumn were not ready until early December 2021. And while many labels don’t release any albums in the December month, we ended up doing the opposite!

We were given a special instrument, the Bogányi piano, for 2 months, and we took advantage of this great opportunity to make 15 more unplanned recordings inspired by this new piano. Of these recordings only the Cool Jazz Reload album by the Gabor Varga Trio has been completed. The other 10 albums will come in the next wave of DSD releases at NativeDSD Music.

In 2022, we plan to release around 30 albums, in a wide range of musical styles, from solo albums to recordings for 60-strong choir and large orchestra. In addition to studio recordings, we continue to record at external venues, such as the Grand Hall of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and the 13th century Holy Trinity Church of Velemér.

Now we are building our own concert venue in downtown Budapest, where all concerts will be recorded. It will be joyful work for us, and I hope it will be joyful for the NativeDSD downloaders in the future, too.

We are honored that so many people are interested in our DSD albums.
Thank you very much, also on behalf of all the artists that we work with.

I wish you good listening.

– Róbert Zoltán Hunka

Written by

Floor van der Holst

Floor is Marketing & Label Manager at NativeDSD Music