Wagner – Die Meistersinger, Götterdämmerung

Budapest Festival Orchestra

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Original Recording Format: DSD 64
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Wagner is the giant among composers because he created his own world. Whereas others interpreted ancient and familiar mythology, Wagner created his own myth. Whereas others composed to librettos by poets, Wagner wrote his own texts. He evenbuilt his own opera house, which had to be different and innovative. Wagner was the greatest creative genius of music history.And yet this superhuman giant also had a sense of humor, clearly audible in thewonderfully constructed Meistersinger Overture. And he had intimate, sensitive lyricism, which moves us deeply in his Siegfried-Idyll. This lyricism is the most important aspect of Wagner’s music; Brünnhilde’s beautiful, longing melody which shines through the huge flame that absorbs her and the collapsing world.Iván Fischer


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Die Meistersinger von Nu_rnberg - Prelude
Siegfried - Idyll
Götterdämmerung - Dawn and Sigfried's Rhine Journey
Götterdämmerung - Sigfried's Funeral March
Götterdämmerung - Immolation scene

Total time: 01:04:18

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van den Hul T3 series

Digital Converters

Grimm A/D DSD / Meitner DA

Mastering Engineer

Jared Sacks

Mastering Equipment

B&W 803 diamond series


Bruel & Kjaer, Schoeps

Mixing Board

Rens Heijnis custom design


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Original Recording Format


Hein Dekker

Recording Engineer

Hein Dekker, Jared Sacks

Recording location

The Palace of Arts, Budapest Hungary 2013

Recording Software

Pyramix bij Merging

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Audiolab, Holland

Release DateJanuary 19, 2014

Press reviews

Das Opernglas

Petra Lang versteht es, Brünnhildes Schlussgesang ausdrucksvoll zu gestalten, sodass man aufmerksam zuhört.

Absolute Sound

“An approach that values lyrical expression over bombastic theatricality: his Siegfried-Idyll is among the most beautiful I’ve ever heard. Petra Lang is a noble, vocally secure Brünhilde…”

BBC Music Magazine 5 out of 5

(…) Fischer’s Meistersinger is quite sprightly yet poised, with an attractively underlying warmth, and his Siegfried-Idyll has chamber-like translucency.


Ivan Fischer en zijn Budapest Festival Orchestra, die ik de beste tandem van de wereld blijf vinden, maken het me makkelijk. Meer dan een eerbetoon lijkt deze plaat een aflevering van een feuilleton over voortreffelijk orkestspel. (…) Weelderig en toch to the point. Prachtig werk.

Classical Today

(…) gorgeous SACD sonics and magnificent playing (…)

Presto Classical

A stunning new Wagner disc from Iván Fischer and the Budapest Festival Orchestra (…) this disc, mainly of orchestral music, is something really special. (…) Fischer’s natural ebb and flow is hugely persuasive, knowing exactly when to push, and to hold, never overdoing the numerous really juicy moments, and creating a performance which is up there with the very best. (…) They can do everything! – float, dance, sing, and play with a warmth and ravishingly smooth sound that is to die for.

The Independant

(…) The quality is staggering, from the tender pianissimo in the Siegfried Idyll to the bruising darkness of Siegfried’s Funeral March. (…)

Audiophile Audition

(…) crisp-sounding SACD (…)This recording excels in both the musicianship on offer, and the fine and realistic recording; an excellent sampler for some of Wagner’s most emotional music.

Opus Klassiek

Iván Fischer serveert ons dit Wagner-programma als een delicatesse (…)De opnamekwaliteit is om de vingers bij af te likken. (…)

SA-CD.net 5 out of 5

Thanks to Channel’s superb recording we can relish the piquancy of the Budapest woodwind, the smoothness of the strings and especially the bite of the brass. (…) Petra Lang is usually regarded as a mezzo-soprano, but she possesses a voice that encompasses a wide vocal range, and this, combined with her clarity of diction and expressive communication of the text, makes her a formidable exponent of this challenging role. (…) Jared Sacks and Hein Dekker’s 5.0 DSD recording made in the Palace of Arts, Budapest in January 2012 is superlative. The realistic image of a large orchestra created in one’s listening room is phenomenal and something all audiophiles will definitely wish to experience. Strongly recommended.
4.5/5 stars


Fischer is geen dirigent die grote effecten najaagt. Hij wil primair het verhaal van de componist tot leven brengen en zet zijn muzikanten aan tot topprestaties. (…) Al met al een mooie uitvoering die weer iets nieuws toevoegt aan het schier oneindige aantal opnamen die er al bestaan van dit immer fascinerende werk. (…)


A wonderful ‘Siegfried Idyll’ with just this sensation of dreaming and slowly becoming aware of the beautiful music that Cosima described in her diary, is the highlight of this CD with plenty of good playing by the Budapest Festival Orchestra (…)

The Times

The images plastered over the CD and its packaging suggest some cosmic explosion, with orange clouds pulsating over a landscape of red-hot rocks. It’s a fair depiction of the state of the listener’s ears after Ivan Fischer’s latest recording with his Budapest Festival Orchestra has panted to a close. (…) the orchestra has the last word, knocking us sideways with the music’s lyrical beauty and dramatic power. Wagner in a nutshell, this, and it’s irresistible.


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