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Rachmaninoff Piano Concertos 2 & 4

Anna Fedorova, Modestas Pitrenas, Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen

Original Recording Format: DXD
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2022 NativeDSD Album of the Year – Soloist With Orchestra

With over 35 million views, Anna Fedorova’s live performance of Rachmaninoff’s 2nd Piano Concerto is the most viewed classical concerto video on YouTube. We are proud to release the long-awaited studio recording of this beloved concerto, together with Rachmaninoff’s 4th Piano Concerto.

Anna Fedorova tells us “Rachmaninoff wrote his 4th Piano Concerto nine years after emigrating, afterwards it was twice revised by the composer. It represents the change of the era, a farewell to the past and a dive into a quite terrifying future. The 2nd Concerto, however, represents rebirth and resurrection of the spirit, hope and light. Something we all need so much nowadays. I am very grateful to the Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen, conductor Modestas Pitrenas and recording engineer Jared Sacks for the most inspiring days spent together in St. Gallen recording this album!”

This album is available exclusively in Stereo and 5 Channel Surround Sound DSD 256, DSD 128 and DSD 64 plus Stereo DSD 512 at NativeDSD. It is a DSD Exclusive, Not Available on SACD release.

It is the follow-up to Anna’s 2020 release of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 1 with the same orchestra and conductor. Anna will complete her Rachmaninoff cycle with the release of the 3rd Piano Concerto in the Spring of 2023.

Anna Fedorova, Piano
Sinfonieorchester St. Gallen Orchestra
Modestas Pitrenas, Conductor



Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Piano Concerto no. 4 - Allegro Vivace
Piano Concerto no. 4 - Largo
Piano Concerto no. 4 - Allegro Vivace
Piano Concerto no. 2 - Moderato
Piano Concerto no. 2 - Adagio Sostenuto
Piano Concerto no. 2 - allegro Scherzando

Total time: 01:04:43

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Analog to Digital Converter

Horus, Merging Technologies at DXD (352.8 kHz)

Assistant Engineer

Paul de Vugt


Van den Hul, exclusive use of Van den Hul 3T cables


Mastering Room Speakers – Grimm LS1

Mastering Engineer

Jared Sacks


Brüel & Kjær 4006, Schoeps




Original Recording Format

Pre Amps

Rens Heijnis, custom design


Jared Sacks

Recording Engineer

Jared Sacks

Recording Location

Tonhalle Theater in St. Gallen, Switzerland during November 2021

Release DateSeptember 2, 2022

Press reviews

NativeDSD Blog | HRAudio

(…) In her reading, she (together with the conductor!) takes the listener by the hand to walk through the spiritual world of Rachmaninoff, laying bare his ‘angst’ and ‘expectations’. Such is the magic of a pianist who takes time to let the audience participate in these feelings. A ‘true’ interpretation one might say.

Nothing on my shelves comes close. (…)

MusicWeb International

Fedorova is powerful and poetic without overt sentimentality, so that the central Largo is warm and expressive without being pulled around or having too much fur-coat comfort in the more languorous passages. The final Allegro vivace is riotously enjoyable, which is as it should be.

Positive Feedback

Anna Fedorova is a remarkable talent. She is right in the top of my list for outstanding performers in recent years. Now she is expanding her recorded repertoire to include some of the most challenging pieces for piano and orchestra. And the results are compelling.

Fedorova is a deeply empathetic musician. Her performances are never bravura just for the sake of showing off technical skills, which she has aplenty. No, her performances dig more deeply into the meaning of the music with a strong affinity to revealing the emotions at play. And yet her performances are filled with intelligence. Listening to one of her recordings is like a conversation with your favorite friend who brings such deep insight to your thoughts and psychological state. She does this with the music she performs and we are allowed to come along for the conversation.

This is as fine and engaging a performance of the Second as I have in my music library. Anna Fedorova plays with great intimacy, without ever bringing her virtuosity to the fore, yet that technical skill clearly is always underlying what she is doing else we would not be as enraptured as we are with the performance. In her humble approach she is literally a “servant of the work” for which we can be forever grateful.

BBC Music Magazine

Ukrainian pianist Anna Fedorova is clearly not only a fine human being… but also a remarkable artist. (…)

The recording was made in November 2021, before the current horrors were unleashed, but Federova is as thoughtful in her post-hoc introduction as she is in the performances. She reminds us, in the face of resistance to Russian repertoire right now, that Rachmaninov was also a refugee who never returned to the motherland after 1918. She also explains her reasons for placing the Fourth Concerto first, defining this amazing and often enigmatic work as ‘a farewell to the past and a dive into a quite terrifying future’, while the Second reminds her of a phoenix. May the Ukrainian phoenix rise from the ashes as soon as possible.


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