Anicca (DSD/DXD Single) – White Lotus Album Teaser

Min Xiao-Fen, Rez Abbasi

Original Recording Format: DXD
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Anicca (Impermanence) is the second (and final) DSD and DXD Single from Min Xiao-Fen, a creative pioneer, expert of the Pipa, and world music fusion artist. This single is a preview of the White Lotus album scheduled for release on June 25th, 2021 in DSD and DXD at NativeDSD.

The DXD/DSD Single is exclusively available from NativeDSD. It is attractively priced to invite you to take a listen ahead of the album release date! This single will be track 3 of the 12-track White Lotus album.

This DSD/DXD Single coincides with the interview
Pipa Master Min Xiao-Fen On The “Harmony And Balance” Of Traditional Chinese Music & Her New Album, ‘White Lotus’

About the upcoming album White Lotus

The sounds of traditional Chinese stringed instruments and a Grammy-award winning recording engineer are front and center on White Lotus. White Lotus is multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer Min Xiao-Fen’s original soundtrack to “The Goddess,” a 1934 silent film from China’s cinematic golden age.

Best known for her genre-breaking performances on the four-string pipa, Min has collaborated with artists like Randy Weston, Jane Ira Bloom, John Zorn, and Bjork. White Lotus also features the work of acclaimed guitarist and 2021 Guggenheim Fellow recipient Rez Abbasi. The album was produced by Min Xiao-Fen and multi-Grammy winning recording engineer and producer Jim Anderson.

On White Lotus, the resulting combination of Pipa, Guqin, Ruan, and Sanxian (all plucked instruments) with acoustic and electric guitars produces a limitless range of juxtaposition: of similarity and imitation; of dialogue and contradiction.

The White Lotus album was recorded at The Bridge Studio in Brooklyn, New York on March 7, 2020 in DXD using a Horus Analog to Digital Converter and Pyramix from Merging Technologies and Sennheiser microphones. The clarity and brilliance of the Chinese instruments is captured and reproduced effortlessly and can be enjoyed as never before.

The ethnomusicologist Marc Perlman once remarked that “musical borders can be crossed, but the value of crossing them depends on the degree to which you respect them.” Some hybrids are slapdash. The intermingling of styles in White Lotus is complete and comprehensive.

Min Xiao-Fen – Guqin, Voice
Rez Abbasi – Guitar



Total time: 00:02:09

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Analog to Digital Converter

Horus, Merging Technologies

Audio Cables


Mastering Engineer

Ulrike Schwarz

Microphone Preamps

The John Hardy Company



Original Recording Format

Power Cables



Min Xiao-Fen & Jim Anderson

Recording Location

The Bridge Studio in Brooklyn, New York on March 7, 2020

Release Date May 28, 2021


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