A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World

Rembrandt Frerichs, Rembrandt Trio, Tony Overwater, Vinsent Planjer

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A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World is the third album by The Rembrandt Trio on Just Listen. The Rembrandt Trio features Rembrandt Frerichs (Pianist and Composer), Tony Overwater (Bass) and Vinsent Planjer (Drums and Percussion). This is the trio’s third album at NativeDSD following their earlier releases Same Self, Same Silence and The Contemporary Fortepiano (linked below). (The booklet for this album states that it was recorded in DSD 256. It was recorded in DXD.)

A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World

The album title, taken from a poem by the 13th century Persian poet Rumi, tries to capture the universality of music and conveys how curiosity drives the trio to travel and incorporate motifs, themes, and experiences from all over the world into their work. The wind, air blowing through the pipes of the organ, the invisible waves of sound that shape a song – the driving force that inspires traveling, broadening horizons.

Transcending boundaries by way of a shared musical imagination

The three members of the Rembrandt Trio, after fifteen years of touring the world together, found themselves grounded in The Netherlands when the world came to a standstill in 2020. Known for their curiosity-driven approach to music, incorporating many different musical cultures into their work and collaborating with grandmasters from different countries and continents (most notably with Persian grandmasters Hossein Alizadeh and Kayhan Kalhor) – the trio was now forced to stay put, stop performing, travelling, and collaborating.

Recorded at Orgelpark, Amsterdam

This time of reflection made The Rembrandt Trio realize how all their journeys of the past fifteen years had shaped a shared musical vocabulary that all three could draw from – and a musical trust that they had come to cherish deeply. They decided to record an album of songs that brought into play these collective memories, a shared imagination in which they still traveled the world. In February 2021, they secluded themselves in a former church in Amsterdam, called Orgelpark, filled with antique organs, and recorded with Just Listen Records. On “A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World” they take the melody as their guide and drawing on their communal experience on stages across the globe, they play compositions that feel timeless, have a universal quality about them, and connect across cultures. Songs to transcend boundaries – those of eras and places – as a much-needed release in times of suspension.

Just Listen Records and the Rembrandt Trio would like to express their gratitude to Maene Pianos for the use of one of their wonderful instruments, and Orgel­park Amsterdam for letting us record in their space ­the acoustics reflecting back a history of sound.

Universal Songs

While touring venues all over the world, the trio discovered that some compositions shared a special kind of magic that translated wherever they were played. Often, the pieces were based on themes from different times and cultures – a Bach motif, a Chinese folk song, a whiff of Armenian folklore. Beautiful, strong melodies that touched audiences no matter their background or culture. Like fairy tales told all over the world might have different characters but share the same plot: What it is to be human. The trio decided they wanted to create this kind of ‘universal’ music, keeping it concise and powerful – with melodies that have a universal quality, touching listeners everywhere. For this album, they chose strong, timeless melodies to try and transpose into song what we all share – our being human.

“When you have shared the stage for as long as we have, you become part of each other’s development, both as musicians and as people.”

Rembrandt Trio
Rembrandt Frerichs – Pianist and Composer
Tony Overwater – Bass
Vinsent Planjer – Drums and Percussion


A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World
Mélodie Antique 
Bleib Bei Uns, Johann Sebastian 
Bohemia Theme
The Moon Shines Bright When It Doesn’t Avoid the Night
Fay Maria
Goodbye If Only
Leaves of Green var. 1
Leaves of Green
Eternal Variating Alternations
Why Flower Red?
Bohemia Theme solo piano
Fight Song
Ich Bin Vergnugt mit Deine Klangen

Total time: 01:05:03

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Van Medevoort, Holland

Analog to Digital Converter

Horus, Merging Technologies


Van den Hul 3T

Mastering Engineer

Tom Caulfield


Bruel & Kjaer 4006, Schoeps

Mixing Board

Rens Heijnis, Custom Design


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Original Recording Format


Jared Sacks, Jonas Sacks & Rembrandt Trio

Recording Engineer

Jared Sacks

Recording Location

Orgelpark, Amsterdam on February 16-17, 2021

Recording Software

Pyramix, Merging Technologies


Grimm LS1

Release Date November 19, 2021

Press reviews


You really have to sit down for this CD. Turn up the volume until it’s just right and then… Your room becomes a stage in a beautiful church filled with great musicians.

The audiophile music label Just Listen Records has recorded a CD with the Rembrandt Trio in Het Orgelpark in Amsterdam. This former church is famous for its acoustics and organ collection. These beautiful acoustics come in CD format with the fairytale title “A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through the World”. 

For the Rembrandt Trio, the corona period is, as for many, a time of contemplation and reflection.

A time to take stock of many years on tour, many musical adventures and impressions. It has resulted in a CD filled with little gems sculpted with the music that is dear to the musicians, be it a Chinese folk tune, a Bach chorale or another melody picked up during the many tours.

The musical language that the trio has developed is introspective and well thought out, but with room for improvisation. Rembrandt Frerichs was responsible for the majority of the compositions, but in the execution the three musicians are completely equal.

The trio breaks the line between classical, jazz and improvised music. They do this in their own unique way.

They are never just classic melodies with a jazz sauce, their musical baggage is too broad for that with their thorough knowledge of music from the Arab and Indo-Chinese countries.

The organs, present in the Orgelpark, which has been converted into a recording studio, also play a role. In the wonderful song “Fay Maria”, which Frerichs wrote for his daughter, the organ intro gives the composition a unique, serene atmosphere.

Vinsent Spanjer’s percussion work comes into the room very nicely due to the recording quality. The cymbals, the bells, but also the vibrating drum heads; you sit in the front row as Vinsent plays his Whisper Kit. You will also hear Tony Overwater in full regalia. His playing on the strings of the violone in “Leaves of Green” is extremely beautiful and poetic.

This CD comes with a booklet with a short explanation and beautiful photos for each song. It gives this CD release just that little bit more cachet than just a CD in a bare envelope.

The music doesn’t get any better, it’s fantastic in itself, but the combination makes it complete.


Voor deze cd moet u echt even gaan zitten. Zet de volumeknop iets harder zodat er een realistisch geluidsniveau is en dan… Uw kamer wordt een podium in een prachtige kerk met geweldige muzikanten. Het audiofiele muzieklabel Just Listen Records heeft met het Rembrandt Trio een cd opgenomen in Het Orgelpark in Amsterdam. Deze voormalige kerk is beroemd om zijn akoestiek en orgelcollectie. Deze fraaie akoestiek krijgt u cadeau bij deze nieuwe cd met de sprookjesachtige titel ‘A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through the World’. Voor het Rembrandt Trio is de coronaperiode ook, zoals voor velen, een tijd van bezinning en reflectie. Een tijd om de balans op te maken van vele jaren op tournee, vele muzikale avonturen en indrukken. Het heeft geresulteerd in een cd gevuld met kleine juweeltjes geboetseerd met de muziek die de muzikanten dierbaar is. Dat kan een Chinees volksdeuntje zijn, een Bach-koraal of een andere melodie opgepikt tijdens de vele tournees. De muziektaal die het trio heeft ontwikkeld is introspectief en doordacht, maar wel met ruimte voor improvisatie. Pianist Rembrandt Frerichs tekende voor het merendeel van de composities, maar in de uitvoering zijn de drie muzikanten volstrekt gelijkwaardig. Het trio slecht de grens tussen klassieke, jazz en geïmproviseerde muziek. Dat doen ze op hun eigen unieke wijze. Het zijn nooit klassiekerige melodietjes met een jazzsausje. Daarvoor is hun muzikale bagage te breed met hun grondige kennis van muziek uit de Arabische en Indo-Chinese landen. De orgels, aanwezig in het tot opnamestudio omgebouwde Orgelpark, spelen ook een rol. In het wonderschone nummer ‘Fay Maria’, dat Frerichs schreef voor zijn dochter, geeft het orgelintro de compositie een unieke, serene sfeer. Het percussiewerk van Vinsent Planjer komt door de opnamekwaliteit zeer fraai de kamer in. De cimbalen, de belletjes, maar ook de trillende trommelvellen; u zit op de eerste rij als Vinsent zijn ‘Whisper Kit’ bespeeld. Ook Tony Overwater krijgt u in vol ornaat te horen. Zijn spel op de snaren van de violone in ‘Leaves of green’ is uitermate fraai en poëtisch. Er zit bij deze cd een boekje met voor elk nummer een korte duiding en fraaie foto’s. Het geeft deze cd-uitgave net wat meer cachet, dan alleen een cd in een kaal envelopje. De muziek wordt er niet beter van, die is op zichzelf al fantastisch, maar de combinatie maakt het helemaal af.

Salt Peanuts

[…]The Rembrandt Trio succeeded to create a set of timeless pieces that adapt the open, improvising dynamics of a jazz trio in which all its musicians are well-versed in classical and contemporary music, and enjoy experimenting with the sounds and instruments of early music and the Middle East. The title piece and «Fight Song» sound as if inspired by the instant folk melodies of G.I.Gurdjieff. Other pieces have more direct references like the Bach-tinged «Bleib Bei Uns, Johann Sebastian» that invites the old master to improvise with the trio. «Leaves of Green» highlight the affinity of the trio to Middle-Eastern scales. «The Moon Shines Bright When It Doesn’t Avoid The Night», titled after another poem by Rumi, and the last piece «Grace» are touching gentle jazz ballads that cement the almost telepathic interplay of the trio.


[…]Allereerst aan de fabelachtige geluidskwaliteit, de opnames in de voormalige kerk klinken uitgebalanceerd en intiem. Ten tweede aan de sporadische toevoeging van het orgel in verschillende stukken.

Positive Feedback

[…] hints of melodies right at the edge of our grasp, transformed by flavors at once exotic but ever so human. All performed with superbly musical craftsmanship and accord.


The listener is quickly captured by the intimacy that emerges from this particular musical universe which never allows itself to be excessive and boastful. High class.

1 review for A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through The World

    I discovered the Rembrandt Trio by chance. I must say that I immediately fell in love with it, due to their musical uniqueness.

    In the songs you find a pleasant well-being, a well-being that captures your soul from the very first notes, which makes you feel good about yourself immediately. Their music has beautiful harmonic nuances. It is an intimate sound that is hidden in their musical folds. It winks at distinctive styles, but without ever placing the accent on one. That’s what makes you love this extraordinary music.

    When you listen to it for the first time turn off the lights, close your eyes, and let the music pervade you completely! The sensations will be beautiful.

    This is a great album. It is a recording that will make many audiophiles happy.

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