Cool Jazz (Pure DSD)

Gabor Varga, Gabor Varga Jazz Trio

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Original Recording Format: DSD 128
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The Gabor Varga Jazz Trio’s third album at Native DSD Music is Cool Jazz from My Reel Club. This is a Stereo DSD 128 recording made on a Tascam DA-3000 DSD recorder.

Cool Jazz is a Pure DSD release at NativeDSD.  It is available in Stereo DSD 64, DSD 128, DSD 256, DSD 512, and DSD 1024. The DSD 64, DSD 256, DSD 512, and DSD 1024 editions of the album were created by NativeDSD Mastering Engineer Tom Caulfield using Signalyst’s HQ Player Pro 4 Mastering Software.

Gabor Varga says “You are holding a special album in your hands. It became special because it did not set this as an aim. It is special because it does not seek new ways at any price, does not want to mediate, or convince anybody of anything. It is special because it was created with the technique of a past golden age – in Hungary, it has been the first time for decades.”

“Cool Jazz. A word and a feeling, too. Depending on time and place it can mean different things for people, but for us, it is the dominant jazz style of the ’50s. If something is “cool”, then it is easy-going, spontaneous, smooth, elegant, ageless, and ethereal, though deep. This album was created this way”.

On August 6, 2021, NativeDSD Music released the first-ever commercially available music in Stereo DSD 1024. This album was one of those first 10 releases. If you would like to give DSD 1024 listening a try, check out NativeDSD’s sampler: 5 Tracks in DSD 1024 (also released on August 6, 2021).

Please note: The album was also simultaneously recorded to Analog Tape. The edition sold by NativeDSD Music is from the Stereo DSD 128 recording, not the Analog Tape recording.

Gabor Varga Jazz Trio
Gabor Varga, Piano
Tibor Csuhaj-Barna, Double Bass
Gyorgy Jeszenszky, Drums


The Project
Cool Thing

Total time: 00:23:30

Additional information





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Original Recording Format


Steinway & Sons Model D Grand Piano

Piano Technician

Balázs Tóth


Róbert Zoltán Hunka

Recording Engineer


Recording Location

Recorded live at Supersize Recording Studio, Hungary on October 19, 2012

Recording Software

Pyramix, Merging Technologies

Recording Type & Bit Rate

DSD 128

Release Date August 4, 2020

7 reviews for Cool Jazz (Pure DSD)

    Three very talented musicians. Terrific arrangements on this album. The recording engineer, Dexter did an absolutely amazing job.

    I’ve read that pianos (being such large instruments) can be difficult to accurately record. Well Dexter knows his stuff. This is the most lifelike recording of a piano I’ve ever heard. But that’s just the piano. He also did a fantastic job with the drums and bass.

    Album seems short, but the sound is intimate, the music inviting and engrossing, each ending leaves me wishing for more and so onto the next track. It’s the most rewarding 23 minutes I can find on an album. Glad it’s so strongly recommended by NativeDSD music reviewers.

    I agree fully with the previous comments. This is quite a unique Jazz album. The name “Cool Jazz” is just so appropriate. What a great listen.

    Cool jazz to calm a tired soul. This recording will please even the most demanding listener.

    20 minutes is a bit short… pleasant enough, though.

    This album can be played on repeat all day long. Is that a kettle whistling at 20 sec of track 3 ???
    The sound quality is impeccable on my DSD 128 version.

    As the name implies, it’s Pretty Cool Jazz. Highly recommended. Though you will wish it lasted a bit longer!

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