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Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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We are happy to see you at the NativeDSD Music Store and hope you will discover the quality of Direct Stream Digital acoustics and listening pleasure. You will find over 3,000 albums in DSD Stereo from 90 labels (and counting!) to bring you as close to the original performance as possible.

NativeDSD also offers Stereo, Binaural and 5 Channel Surround Sound DSD, DXD and FLAC files. The DXD and DSD files came directly from the labels. The FLAC files are available in High Resolution 24 bit 96 kHz and 24 bit 192 kHz PCM – created from DSD and DXD editions of the albums by Bit Perfect, using their unique “Zephiir” conversion process which produces high quality Stereo FLAC files and 5 Channel FLAC files.

This NativeDSD Starter Pack is provided free of charge* – with special thanks to the participating labels! It gives you, the listener, a chance to sample some of the fine High Resolution music at NativeDSD.Com – and will encourage you to acquire the complete album editions of these fine artists once you enjoy these starter pack samples.

You will find links and information on the full albums that these Stereo DSD sample tracks are taken from. This includes information on the corresponding Artists, Albums & Labels in the detailed track listing in this booklet.

Cheers to your ears!

The NativeDSD Music Team

*Free of charge for DSD 64, FLAC 24/96 and FLAC 24/192 (stereo). For DSD 64 5ch, DSD 128 2ch and 5ch, DSD 256 2ch/5ch and DSD 512 we charge a small fee to cover the file download costs.

Note: Track 1, the spoken introduction, is not multichannel, only stereo. So, the 5-channel version will be silent on C, Ls and Rs.

Original Album List

Shostakovich: Symphony No. 5, Barber: Adagio for Strings

En Silencio (In Silence) [Pure DSD]

The New York EP: TRPTK Sessions (DSD & DXD EP)

8 Ensembles In 1 Bit [Pure DSD]

The Sweetest Sound [Pure DSD]

Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni (The Four Seasons)



Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Spoken Introduction, NativeDSD Co-Founder Jonas Sacks
Shostakovich_Symphony no. 5 in D minor - Allegretto - excerpt (from FR724SACD)
Barrios_La Catedral - Preludio - excerpt (from EUDDR1801)
Skidmore_The Impossible Sum - excerpt (from TTK0015)
Newman_Short People (from JL002)
Rodgers_The Sweetest Sounds (from JL009)
Vivaldi_The Four Seasons - Winter II. Largo (from 40318)

Total time: 00:17:01

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Original Recording Format

Release DateSeptember 10, 2001

9 reviews for NativeDSD Music Starter Pack

    Great Demo! Excellent quality


    It’s great, that’s free but with good quality.

    A great way to get to know the format. Highly recommended to get started for free!

    Excellent Demo! Thanks!

    Hurray, with the Fiio Music app my smartphone plays the DSD 64 format!

    Vivaldi’s piece is particularly sublime. I’ll definitely take some full albums. However, I will have to limit myself to DSD 64 because DSD 128 does not seem compatible with Fiio Music. But it’s already fantastic, thanks!

    The NativeDSD Starter Pack is a very nice set of recordings. I will continue to buy albums from Native DSD.

    Thank you!

    I’m a first time user of DSD. The sound is unbelievably brilliant. I can’t wait to purchase more.

    Extremely good into to the DSD and DXD formats. The samples help you identify which format best matches your playback unit.

    I have been into SACDs for many years and I must say the DSD 128 matched all my SACDs. The selections on this give a broad variety of genres.

    Very helpful when I needed clarification on formats. Well done all round

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