5 Tracks in DSD 1024

Aubrey Logan, Bill Cantos, Gabor Varga Jazz Trio, Javier Laso, Manfred Honeck, Martijn Cornet, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Ragazze Quartet, The L.A. Network


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Welcome to 5 Tracks in DSD 1024 – the first-ever commercially available Sampler in DSD 1024

NativeDSD is always on the forefront of perusing new resolutions to live up to listener’s wishes. One of those wishes has been DSD 1024, a resolution few Digital to Analog Converters (DAC) or Digital Audio Players (DAP) can accept just yet. To test the waters of DSD 1024, we spent the past few months creating this Sampler in collaboration with 5 Music Labels and our Technical Advisors.

The music on 5 Tracks in DSD 1024 features a lineup of all-star musicians including Aubrey Logan, Bill Cantos, Gabor Varga Jazz Trio, Javier Laso, Martijn Cornet, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra conducted by Manfred Honeck, Ragazze Quartet, and The L.A. Network. Our thanks to their music labels – 2xHD Mastering, Resonance Records, Hunnia Records, Eudora Records, Channel Classics and Reference Recordings for participating in this project.

Just like all the other rates in the Higher Rates Program (HRP), 5 Tracks in DSD 1024 features five tracks in DSD 1024 resolution created and mastered by NativeDSD’s own Grammy® Award winner Tom Caulfield with the Signalyst HQ Player 4 Pro mastering tools. On behalf of various hardware manufacturers and the NativeDSD Team & Customers, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Tom Caulfield for all the work that he does. We could not be offering all these rates, mastered at such a high-quality DSD bit rate level, and to the content of all creators and engineers if it weren’t for Tom. Thank you very much! Just like yourself, we are curious to hear from listeners what they think of this new DSD bit rate.

The 5 Tracks in DSD 1024 – The full albums are also available in Stereo DSD 1024

Track 1: Symphony No. 9 – I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso – from Beethoven Symphony No. 9 on Reference Recordings: album page
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, Manfred Honeck

Track 2: Winterreise D. 911 – Fruhlingstraum – from Schubert Winterreise on Channel Classics Records: album page
Ragazze Quartet, Martijn Cornet

Track 3: Maybe – from Cool Jazz on Hunnia Records: album page
Gabor Varga Jazz Trio

Track 4: Too Darn Hot – from Ella On Our Mind on 2xHD: album page
Aubrey Logan, Bill Cantos, The L.A. Network

Track 5: Davidsbundlertanze, Op. 6 – XVII. Wie aus der Ferne – from Schubert & Schumann on Eudora Records: album page
Javier Laso

Original Recording Formats

Track 1: DSD 256
Track 2: DSD 256
Track 3: DSD 128 (Pure)
Track 4: Analog Tape
Track 5: DSD 256 (Pure)

3 DSD 1024 Releases from Patricia Barber

In addition to 5 Tracks in DSD 1024, NativeDSD.Com also has 9 additional albums available in Stereo DSD 1024. These albums include the 5 albums listed above from which the DSD 1024 sampler tracks originate as well as 3 more releases from Jazz singer Patricia Barber on Impex Records!

* Clique!
* Patricia Barber sings This Town (DSD Single)
* Patricia Barber sings All In Love Is Fair (DSD Single)

Higher Rates Program (HRP) Releases

NativeDSD selectively creates higher DSD bitrates of releases through the Higher Rates Program. These higher bitrate editions are created using two different sets of professional recording and mastering tools methods: Merging Technologies “Meco” modulators and the Pyramix 12 digital audio workstation software (up to Stereo DSD 256), and Signalyst’s HQ Player 4 Pro mastering tools with the “EC” modulators (up to Stereo DSD 1024). The process depends on the original edited master source of the album and which higher DSD bitrate(s) are to be created.

Higher bitrate DSD releases (including DSD 128, DSD 256, DSD 512, and DSD 1024) facilitate the listener’s Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) operation utilizing gentler, less phase distorting reconstruction filters and algorithms in the Digital to Analog process. The result is music with far improved phase response, a sound that is less aggressive, more spacious, and airier, and less digital.

It is our experience that listening to an album from NativeDSD at the highest DSD bitrate that your DAC supports is the best sounding. NativeDSD provides these purchasing choices to our listeners to bring you the best musical experience that you can experience with today’s recording technologies. We hope you continue to enjoy these releases and look forward to your thoughts and continuing support. If you would like to learn more about the Higher Rates Program, you can read this article.

We are very curious to hear your thoughts. Please post a review below to help other listeners.

And if you are loving what you hear, make sure to pick up one of the five full-length albums from which these Tracks derive (listed below in ‘You may also like…’).  As well as 4 more DSD 1024 selections that are also now available from NativeDSD.

Please Note: As a result of the extremely large size of these files, it is only possible to download this sampler via the NativeDSD Downloader (not through the browser zip download).

Aubrey Logan
Bill Cantos
Gabor Varga Jazz Trio
Javier Laso
Martijn Cornet
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra conducted by Manfred Honeck
Ragazze Quartet
The L.A. Network


Symphony No. 9 - I. Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso - from 'Beethoven Symphony No. 9' FR741,
Winterreise D. 911 - Fruhlingstraum - from 'Winterreise' 43521, Channel Classics
Maybe - from 'Cool Jazz' MRC2008, Hunnia Records
Too Darn Hot - from 'Ella On Our Mind' 2XHDRE1168, 2XHD
Davidsbundlertanze, Op. 6 - XVII. Wie aus der Ferne - from 'Schubert and Schumann' EUDDR2103, Eudora

Total time: 00:29:58

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Original Recording Formats

Track 1: DSD 256 Track 2: DSD 256 Track 3: DSD 128 (Pure) Track 4: Analog Tape Track 5: DSD 256 (Pure)


Release Date August 5, 2021


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