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All The Stars Collide Into A Single Ray [DSD Single]


Original Recording Format: Analog Tape
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The Naxatras Single “All The Stars Collide Into A Single Ray” was originally released on September 17, 2017. It was spontaneously recorded in the space of around six hours, including setting up (!), using exclusively analog equipment, mostly containing vacuum tubes. Now we bring it to you as a DSD Single at NativeDSD Music.

Producer and Recording Engineer J. I. Agnew says “If you have a hard-rocking band, performing all together through vacuum tube amplifiers, cranked up loud, and you capture this through 2-3 good microphones with vacuum tube recording electronics, going straight to analog tape pushed to the limit, then you will not only record music but the true passion and excitement of rock’n’roll along with it. All the blood, the sweat, and the tears that have defined this genre from the very early days. This is how it was done back in the day, and this is still how it is done.”

“[…] It’s a nine-minute gentle nudge into the ethereal that even as it gets heavier stays low key and laid back, the subdued intro holding sway for the duration despite a swinging verse taking hold.



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All the Stars Collide Into a Single Ray

Total time: 00:09:01

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Analog Recording Equipment

Telefunken M15A, Variety of Microphone Pre-amplifiers, FWRL Spring Reverb Unit.


Variety of cables, including Van Damme OFC, Viper, Mogami, and custom wiring consisting of 99.99 % solid silver wires, along with gold plated connectors by Neutrik and some miscellaneous connectors by Amphenol and Switchcraft.

Digital Converters

Tascam DA-3000

Mastering Engineer

Jesus I. Agnew


Various including models by AKG, Electrovoice, Lem, and Shure.

Mixing Board

Thermionic Culture Custom Green Fat Bustard vacuum tube mixer


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Original Recording Format


Naxatras and Jesus I. Agnew

Recording Engineer

Jesus I. Agnew

Recording location

Magnetic Fidelity Live Room

Recording Software

ATR Magnetics 1/4" Master Tape, if this counts as software…

Recording Type & Bit Rate



Agnew Analog Type Full Range Monitors

Release DateMay 22, 2020

Press reviews

The Obelisk

Note the rising bassline from John Vagenas. Also note the lead that starts around 3:50 from guitarist John Delias. Also note the classically classy drumming from Kostas Harizanis.

While you’re noting these things as the band makes its way into and out of organic psych drift, put them all together in your mind for a better understanding and naxatras-all-the-stars-collide-into-a-single-rayquick summation of just what it is about Naxatras that’s allowed them to grab such a fervent place in the Greek underground in such a relatively brief amount of time.

The dynamic of their style is so fluid and their grooves so warm — they just hit the mark in a way that makes it sound like anyone could do it. Of course, if that were true, everyone would. […]”


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