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Original Recording Format: DSD 64
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Modern Science is now recognizing what the ancient mystics throughout time have been saying: that all physical matter is in a constant state of vibration, and therefore everything emanates sound (even if it’s not audible to the human ear). So, our physical bodies are really a symphony of different sounds created by the functioning of our biological system. In its state of optimum health our bodies are harmoniously aligned with their original blueprint of creation.

Knowing that every organ and every individual cell absorbs and emits sound, it’s easy to understand that each also has its own optimum state of vibrational frequency (resonance): its highest state of health. With sickness or dysfunction, the vibration of the sound changes and the afflicted part of the body part moves into a state of dissonance.

Anima’s deeply powerful and healing music reaches deep into the heart and soul. Blending rich tapestries of meditative soundscapes with ethereal, nurturing vocals and medicine songs. Weaving sacred sounds infused with a variety of world instruments and healing frequencies, the music gently guides the listener towards deep states of meditation, healing, inner journeying, relaxation, and connection with the Sacred.

Anima is a UK based duo comprising of producer/ composer/ instrumentalist Ali Calderwood and vocalist/songwriter Daniela Broder. Ali and Daniela have both lived and trained with indigenous elders and teachers, studying ancient ways of ceremony, spirit medicine, yoga, and the use of sacred sound.

As independent artists and a duo, Anima have forged an engaging new style of world new age sacred music. Through exquisitely crafted recordings, Anima weave alluring tapestries of sound and vibration that touch the heart and soul, moving the listener into deep states of stillness, peace, and presence. In concert, a sacred space is created where the healing forces of the Divine are often felt and experienced by those present.

Anima is based in the Highlands of Scotland, in a remote off-grid location surrounded by pure water, forest and mountains. As an extension of their choice to live in harmony with Nature, they have built their new music studio powered by renewable energy sources. ‘Anima’ means soul, breath, air, life force and spirit energy. It is this sacred energy of the Divine that inspires their music, healing work and lives.

Ali Calderwood – Instrumentalist, Composer, Producer
Daniela Broder – Vocalist, Songwriter


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Earth Wisdom (396 Hz)
Waters of Life (417 Hz)
Celestial Blueprint (528 Hz)
Illuminated Heart (639 Hz)
Eternal Symphony (741 Hz)
Spirit of Light (852 Hz)

Total time: 01:08:03

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Original Recording Format


The recent Anima Music DSD/SACD projects were recorded & mixed on a Cadac J series console. All connections used high quality connectors with OFC cable by Mogami and Van Damme. High quality professional microphones included valve, ribbon, condenser and dynamic models. Lexicon 960L, PCM 91 & 90 Digital Reverbs plus Eventide DSP400 outboard FX processing.  Avalon VT-747 SP, 2x Summit DCL-200 & TLA Valve Compressor / Limiter signal processors. ATC 100A, PMC TB2S-A and Adam A7X with Adam Sub 10 Active Studio Monitors.The Mixes were recorded through multiple channels of the Cadac J Series console into 5.1 surround in DSD Format. This process used a Pyramix DSD system with one DAD AX24 Interface to capture DSD at 2.8 GHz.The Mastering set-up then used two Pyramix systems with two DAD AX24 interfaces. One was used to play audio out into the analogue domain while the other captured mastered audio. The Mastering process used additional signal processors for Compressor / Limiting & Equalisation.Units used included: Neve 8051 5.1 Comp/limiter, Elysia Alpha, Buzz Audio REQ & 2x GML 8200. All audio was ‘topped & tailed’ and authored in Pyramix for DSD and SACD production at 2.8 GHz.


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Release DateNovember 27, 2014

Press reviews

Positive Feedback 5 out of 5

“And now for something completely different,” as Monty Python used to say. To get outside of the traditional categories, Anima’s Sound Medicine is just the ticket.

I have a very long love (decades long, now, going back into the ‘70s) for so-called “New Age” or “Electronic” music. Music that I prefer to think of as “Contemplative Music”.  Regardless of labels, I have found myself listening to the two Anima albums (Sound Medicine and Sacred Alliance) again and again since I first discovered them.

Earth Wisdom (396 Hz), will give you a very clear feeling for the creative work that Anima does. The combination of percussives, deep bass, electronic instrumentation, and digeridoo, is hypnotic. While listening to Anima’s art, I find myself relaxing, going inward, and floating on musical clouds.

It is also an excellent recording for testing your audio system for lower frequencies, its handling of transients, and its ability to maintain an organic unity of harmonics. If you enjoy contemplative music the way that I do, then you’ll definitely want to add both Anima albums to your DSD library.

Cygnus Review Magazine

Don’t you just love those magical moments in your life when you pick up a book, or hear a piece of music that touches your very core?

It resonates so deeply within you that it gives the impression that the author/composer knows exactly how you are feeling/thinking/being at this particular time.  A connection is made through their words or music that simply ripples throughout your entire being.

Well, listening to this album was one of those moments. For me, this album is not to be explained but to be experienced.  I truly do hope that your experience of this album is just as magical for you.

David Lucas Shaw

I can honestly say that this was the most profound experience facilitated by music that I had ever encountered. The intensity and gentleness of spirit that infuses this music is a potent combination. I urge you to experience it for yourself.

Paradigm Shift Magazine

I am blown away by the power of this album.

Hearing a short extract for the first time alerted me to the incredibly high frequencies offered to the listener. It realigns mind, body, and spirit to the deep spiritual experiences of enlightened states.

Now my regular morning sound bath, I am daily cleansed, healed, uplifted, and reconnected with the sacred energies so needed at this time. Every journey is a different experience and highly transformative. This is much more than just beautiful music.

I cannot recommend this highly enough.


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